We have many inquiries of those suffering and in despair, exiled from any spiritual guides. We seek to bring the catalysts and sacred ritual herbs to facilitate the personal alchemical work in this Kali Yuga. Below we give our reply to one who is absent from their guru and in anguish.
Many are close in the body from the guru but far apart, many are far in body but near in spirit. Many can live next to a temple with a guru an entire life and gain nothing. Some disciples can gain in an instant from a gesture, raising a flower, a direct transmission. We are in what must be called demonic times, and it’s truly a mass initiation that is a dark alchemy. It is absolutely excruciating to the point that the external reality is the antithesis to every instinct inside of us as to how it ‘should be.’ The grasping of expectations becomes a bitter poison that trains one to give up hope. This is how the true adepts and Traditionalists became so focused in the kali yuga on doing projects, works, ashrams, creating as many spiritual centers and seeking to counter the materialism and spiritual sickness or humanity would be unrecognizable in even a few decades. We are at this critical point now in so many ways. It is the essence of humanity that is at stake, the ordeal is: can you keep to the constant, incessant, lucid waking and dreaming Memory of who and what you are and your purpose in this chaos? Can you stick to your inner compass and dharma in this absolute, full-spectrum assault on your mind, body and spirit? This is why the lamp has the “hurricane” glass to protect that glimmer of the secret fire of Memory lit in the abyss of darkness. Our own work for the Guru arose out of terminal illness and certain blindness, and the living treasures taught us the skillful means to heal and preserve life. Any deviation from this brings the instant pangs of illness, despair and an exile from the true Humanity. The path is the medicine.