New Special Offering, Once a Year Navapashanam Bead and gift items.

Our Guru’s gifts to fund our special projects abound in power and are timed perfect with the celestial clock and the alchemical seasons. We are in the heat of the spiritual battles, as we transmute the land for healing, for medicines and food, and initiatory sciences. It is an ashram and laboratory, we manifest out of the collective will of our extended clan and family. Our masters, our teachers, the disciples that have been supporting and treading this path for decades. We rise to the next level, the ascension to a true Western abode of the Siddhas emerges in the wilderness. The Avatars bend to assist this holy mission. We bring the boons of the alchemists of the Vedic traditions. Powerful weapons for the Tantrik Hero. #murugan #navapashanam #alchemy #boganathar #siddha #parad #Kartikeya #aryan #vedic #polartradition #occultwars #kayakalp #vel