Custom empowered to your astrological chart by expert Rasa Vaidya, Please put birthdate, time and place of birth in the “Special Instructions” field during checkout if you wish, complete with 18 Sanskars in 64 Divine Herbal Juice infusions. We are beginning the next phase of the alchemical missionary work, delving deeper into the mysteries of mercury. There is an ancient alchemical science to this superconducting energy found in pools underneath temples, as it is a energetic signature of Lord Shiva, the soma, combined with herbal electrum, formed into a final quick-silver sheen. This is the perfect Linga for candle reflections for the attainment of the light body as per the instructions of Vallalar. This is the ultimate condenser and conductor of spiritual energy, intention and for prescening the Supreme Root Guru Lord Shiva’s energy and catalytic blessings directly into your astrologically aligned. This is a large RasaLinga, giving the maximum benefits of Parad. This an essential part of the home, temple and laboratory, becoming an axis of spiritual power and can function as the Guru itself, it is so powerful. Parad, liquid mercury is the volatile liquid metal, heavy and known as the seed or sperm of Shiva, mixed with the precious herbs and sulphur and mica of the goddess, this is a unique blend, with a hardened exterior for puja. Large sizes available, please contact. We present this with a small Lord Murugan statue, with a empowered peacock feather, and navapashanam concentrate and parad rasalinga bead and special powder and method to purify

Shiva Lingams to be Worshiped at Home

According to ancient alchemical Tantrik texts, it is believed that apart from Parad Shiva Ling or Narmadeshwar Shiv Lingam no other form of Shiva Lingam should be worshiped at home.

Parad Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is considered formless. The Parad Shivalingam, also called the Rasalingam plays a very important role in Lord Shiva’s worship.

Tamil Siddhas consider mercury as Shivadhatu- Shiva’s metal. Mercury is said to represent the male (Shiva) form and Sulfur used for solidification process is considered as the female form (Shakti).

‘Ras Chintamani’ says that by the very touch of this mercury a person gets the benefit of Shiv Puja done in all the three lokas. Although mercury classifies under metals, it is in semi liquid form.Therefore, a Shivling made of mercury is also known as Ras Shivling.

Parad Shiva lingam is complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stages of Purification according to Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki (100% pure, medicated and hygienic); the Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi-Badhha / Agnibadha (heat resistant) Shiva lingam.

It is said that worshipping the Parad Shivlingam gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which frees the body from all diseases.

How to Worship Shiva Lingam at Home

Snake and Nandi need to be present with Shiva Lingam always. Copper/silver/gold NAAG and Nandai of aastha dhatu or marble stone need to be installed along with the Lingam. Snake should be placed on Lingam such that it faces either north or east

Yoni- part of Lingam from where water poured on Lingam is drained out – should face North or East.

All five means : lord shiva, maa parvati, ganesh, kartikeya and nandi called as panch mahadev. Since in your home you will like the blessings from them as a full family couple, you will get so.

Place three leaves of bel (bilave) facing away from you on top of the lingam.

Do not use packet or pasteurised harmonised milk as boiled milk is forbidden in puja. It is best to use fresh cow milk or curd.

Use cold water and milk to do Abhishekam.

After puja do not throw oblations any where except running river, lakes or sea. If it is not possible put it in flower pots of home or trees except tulsi and peepal

You can offer coconut, but not coconut water, especially on shiv-lingam.

Every thing offered on shiv lingam is called nirmalaya which is forbidden to be consumed or put in any where except in rivers,lakes and sea, until of curse this is offered to you by a priest. Since you are at home, put the nirmalya under a tulsi or peepul tree. The Shiva Mahiman stotra revolves around this fact,when gandharva called Mahiman lost everything by showing disrespect to shiv-nirmalaya!

Best vibhuti for Shiv Puja is ash from burnt human body which is difficult to obtain. Please use white normal sandal wood or asta gandha for trident marking on shiv lingam.
Never smell any flower or sandal wood or scent which you intend to offer to lord as by doing so you yourself are using it and a used item is not permitted in puja.

Women are allowed shiv puja- they can offer water and flowers.

Offer Prasadam to Shiva Lingam – fresh fruits or dry fruits as you deem fit.

Mantra while immersing Shiva Lingam- aahwanam na janami najanami visaarjanam,puja karm na janami shamyantam parmeshwaram or parmeshwari,mantra heenam kriya heenam bhakhtiheenam sureshwaram/sureshwari yat pujitayam maya kshamyantam parmeshwaram/parmeshwari

In the evening just light lamp and dhoop (incense stick) in front of Lord and offer flowers.

Flower offerings – Always offer Hibiscus/ Dhatura. Never offer ketaki flower to god or coconut water.

Never offer kevada (screw-pine)flower and champa flowers as they are cursed by lord and Narad rishi.

Benefits of Parad Shiva Lingam

Puranas say that a person who worships single Parad Shivlingam gets benefits equal to worshipping 108 other types of Shivalingams

Parad Shivalingam bestows the worshipper with instant luck, wealth, good position, name and fame

The presence of Parad Shivalingam at home is in itself considered to be a meaningful life

Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti and is considered to be very auspicious for a blissful married life

At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its worshipper towards the spiritual path

Worship of Parad Shivling everyday ensures that Goddess Laxmi resides at home always.