This is one of the best of the Siddha products of “nectar making” (amritkarana) and is a Divine herbal medicine (divyausadhani) from the recipes of Siddha Idaikadar’s Kaya Kalpa Rejuvenation. These are specially prepared by traditional lineage holders of the RasaSiddha of South India. This is a very safe but powerful golden elixir pill, with the meticulously alchemically purified bhasmas of gem stones, minerals and metals and 54 divine therapy herbs, and a secretly concentrated extract of shilajit for vitality. This is a complete formula for marking the start of a new radiant health. These are pills to take with milk once day for a slow steady progression towards better stamina, vitality, and energy, as well as mental clarity, calm nerves and inclination towards spiritual practices. There is a numinous energy for a superconductive alchemical transmutation, the spiritual motivation to get healthy and to make a decision to truly accumulate that generative state momentum in your spiritual practice and energetic levels.

This is an empowered and medicinal substance. Besides the tonic abilities, those in energetic medicine report increased energy and creativity and can obtain the siddhi of “flashing insight” (pratibhāt) which is the sudden, penetrating insight and perception or solution or inspired knowledge. These substances with meditation can retrain and attune the subconsciousness to easier and deeper meditation and tantrik eidetic visionary techniques. It is not to be taken beyond this amount per one year. It is taken annually to aid in boosting and aiding cellular repair for healthy persons. Persons ill are advised to consult for more considerations but it can be taken safely for longer durations. It can be a fundamental catalyst to the rejuvenative Panchakarma-Kayakalpa protocol.

The modern human is awash in transhumanist poisons that are the cause for the spike in every illness as well as the tired, depressed, depleting, agitated and despondent spiritual assault on the masses. This is a long campaign of demoralization, of the asuras (demons) exploiting the chaos of the world age and the vulnerability of organic biology when assaulted by synthetic, artificial and inorganic full spectrum attacks. We hope to infuse a stream of self-reliant, self-empowering alchemical transformation and begin with a reclaiming of body sovereignty, and land-care in either growing your own mineral dense, organic foods or supporting those that do. We need an inside to out transmutation of the consciousness and corresponding action. Kayakalpa is a means of empowering health and spirit to overcome inertia (tamas) with action (rajas) and pierce through the fog and haze of confusion, poison and inhuman illusion. These herbal pills are for those seeking inner transformations and working to manifest the Pure Land in the here and now. We hope you work hard in your practice and blend merit and energy into the blossoming of True Sainthood to impact and impart beauty, compassion and wisdom into the world. The creative and spiritual blessings of true Siddha medicines invoke inspired visions of the world as a glowing Mandala, as the veils in the Maya matrix or the lattice webs of reality as the indrajal thin. The mono-atomic swarrna gold and higher state elements participate in multiple dimensions, signaling and resonating the spiral patterns to cells. The aural mantras can attune this state and the sudden, natural and simple quasi-dematerializations into the luminous orbit is the true gnostic vision of the organic Pure Light.

Kayakalpa therapy for convalescence: For more serious conditions it can be taken twice a day, or once a day for longer durations. It is designed to be taken with milk, dairy products have a unique fat that binds and aids the processing of these medicines. The relationship between alchemical medicines and dairy products can be traced back to the earliest Soma cults, and even the consorts and female lab assistant of the Rasasiddha alchemists were required to have a “love of dairy products.” Whole raw milk is superior but organic whole is best or some raw cheese is good as well. For vegans asking if you can take it without dairy, we can not respond because it is simply not done traditionally so there is no way of knowing.

Avoid heavy oily, fried food, meats, eggs, vegetarian diet for duration, contact for more info on kayakalpa diets for specific constitutions and concerns.

Benefits of true Kaya Kalpa are said to have a physical and spiritual benefits as well as calming the mind. It is said, Benefits of Kaya Kalpa Practice:
The sexual vital fluid becomes thickened and the stock is increased so that the life force and bio-magnetism are sufficiently maintained. It sufficiently strengthens and vitally rejuvenates the body. It will cure and prevent diseases and relieve the practitioner of the troubles of old age. Sexual potency is increased.

Monks, nuns and young people will be benefited so as not to get sexual excitement quickly in any circumstances, through recycling of the sexual vital fluid and absorbing it into the body.
Sexual energy is transmuted into spiritual energy, developing and strengthening spiritual awareness. It does have a blissful, energetic feeling that is the greatest aphrodisiac so it’s good for lay people wanting sex, or Tantrik rituals.
It will change the character and improve the personality. There will be genetic improvement for healthier and more intelligent progeny.*