Locally the indigenous people use this for many uses from medicine to industrial and religious but it is mostly employed as an incense in religious ceremonies, folk-sorcery, Buddhist magic and for torches, to start fires and as smudge for mosquitoes. It is also used as himughat (medicine against bughat, a condition in which a patient falls back to illness after apparent recovery) in the Philippines. In Asian sorcery or Tantrik cults, you can find this black version used in more destructive wrathful aspects of occult operations. The white copal is used for spiritual protection, prayers, invocations and homa fire while these are used for cursing, or reversing spiritual attacks to hone in on a spiritual adversary. This may seem very strange to some who have a more New Age or sanitized version of history, but the Tantrik sects had incessant wars in almost every country, the sinister yogis were both militant and sometimes resorted to darker arts to achieve certain ends, and indeed there is a spiritual battle that requires some magical action against those intent on thwarting your efforts. It is also called Night Copal and was used for magical sexual rites in various indigenous folk customs and esoteric Buddhism. Siddha Boganathar in his poems has specific methods for “destroying enemies” magically and many of the lamas and gurus have this special skill but do not discuss it. Those that heal must also know how to harm, and to be able to intervene in magical sicknesses, spiritual attacks, and psycho-spiritual viruses and parasites. Please contact us to be in touch with our Tantrik specialist if you need further instructions or guidance on these matters.*

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