Prepared by Vaidya Shree Pundit Deenanath of Jaipur, with 8 Sanskaars (8 stages of purification as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki, 100 percent medicated and hygienic); the Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi-Badhha/Agnibadha (sustain the heat) Shiva lingam. The extract of this Shivling gives 24 Eas and 5 Tatva which removes all evil from the body. This is capable of giving instant luck, facilitating wealth and position and name and fame, or higher spiritual goals. The presence in the house is complete, Shiva lingam is the holy symbol of Lord Shiva and Shakti and the Shivalingam is worshiped to remove obstacles, to heal and to achieve the highest yoga and bhoga. This is a tantric empowered as well, and we get in a affordable small size.

One most worship the goddess to get the full benefit of parad as well as Lord Shiva, In alchemy with mercury, behind the scene there is a divine conscious energy principle. She is known as “Raseshwari”. Mercury in Tantra parlance is deemed as semen of Lord Shiva and essentially a part of Shiva therefore it is called as “Ras”. And the Shakti, Parvati or Yogmaya herself is called as Raseshwari – the divine feminine working as conscious energy in the “Ras”. The goddess who gives bliss and all pleasures in life, who gives beauty and various abilities and capabilities. Raseshwari Devi fills the life with happiness and joy and is the goddess who bestows supreme luxuries in life!

Agnibadha Siddha Parad Rasalinga tantrik laboratories