Using loban dhoop fumes is a traditional and spiritual secret in India to uplift the energy level. It is burnt all over in the temples and is sacred to Saraswati. Depending on tradition, angels, jinn or devas are thought to reside in the fumes that protect people from the evil eye, which is very real an can be intentional or accidental. The evil eye is a biophoton entanglement from light emitted by the eye, and loban’s spiritual energy removes it, and it’s used to fumigate rooms, objects and people as a holy smoke used much like holy water. It removes all negative energies that surround you. It is another magical incense resin that shows up in the trade routes in the mystical sects of sufis and later European alchemists and sorcery. In Tantra it is used to break the spells of black magic, for exorcism and to combat the wrathful consequences of necromancy. It is a fumigant for evil spirits, dark moods, and has a power that disperses negatively charged space. It is also used to cast spells as it can penetrate the aether and has an energy that intensifies intent. Yantra and talismans that are written and burnt in incense fire with Loban Dhoop are powerfully cast forth, especially in protective sigilization of holy yantra. It is used especially in love magic and remembering loved ones, especially parents who have passed on. There are many grades of Loban, this is the most pure and highest first wild harvest, dense and aromatic and pulsating with energy, it can infuse a room with sattvic energy. Those that neglect the incenses ignore the core of every tradition.*

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