The tradition of necromantic skulls in Vedic and Buddhist esoterics is ancient and powerful. The various Buddas, yogis, dieties and witches who use the skull as elixir bowl and necromantic technology for oracular consulation of disembodied souls or hungry ghosts can be used for beneficent or malificent purposes. The Buddhst hermit Lersi empower these skulls from the ghosts of the most tragic deaths of those that died by suicide, hanging, murder and horrible misfortune. These ghosts are trapped and the Lersi direct and contain them in the bone ash of the skulls.

This is a power skull talisman made of auspicious materials that were mixed and shaped into the skull mold by Ajarn Phu Ai. This skull is fully empowered with sigils and spells inviting a ghost spirit to take refuge in each skull and asked them all to assist it’s owners with creating merit and give aid in achieving wealthiness. This is an ancient Buddhist practice of Buddhist/Tantrik necromancy to have a hungry ghost achieve merit in this world by working towards auspicious ends. A ghost who died an unfortunate or tragic death yearns for incarnation into the living realm to work a little bit of merit to change their state and gain a rebirth. The hungry ghosts are desparete for this, the Buddhist monks and Lersi hermits have compassion and allow the ghosts to take refuge in the skull working to help those that honor them. The cremation ground ashes and bone dust is mixed wih the holy magical necromancy herbs that create the specific resonances to hold a spirit. The shape of the skull is the divine form for containing human spirits, with the corpse oils and sigils on takrut alchemical metals locking and binding them in place so they can be fed, honored and allowed to accumulate merit in helping the owner.

The ghost whispers flashes of intuition and inspiration, and in dreams can visit to offer counsel and divination and sensitive or trained can call it to speak under certain atmosphere. The Galohk Dam Prai has been created using powerfully charged ingredients such as Powdered mixture of 59 Ghosts, a vial of Corpse Oil made with blood using an ancient Khmer formula, inserted in the spinal center of the bottom of the skull with an alchemical metal Takrut scroll containing a spell of wealth, Pong Mai Faa Paa (Powdered wood of a Tree split by lightening) for protection, Powdered Wood from a Jack Fruit Tree where someone has hung themselves, the Great Powder of Prosperity, Powdered Kuman Child Ghost, Powdered Wan Dok Tong (Charm Plant), Remains from an Abandoned Temple, Soil from 7 Cemetery’s, Soil from 7  Auspiciously Shaped Anthills and Soil from 7 Auspicious landmarks such as Cities, Watersides, Markets, Fields, Farms, Gardens and Temples. These are specific and exacting magical formula that generates a necromantic aura and acausal empathy between the spirit realm and this world. This creates a nexion or portal localized in the skull that invites the spirits to take up residence as the soul takes up residence when the skull is formed.
The great, yearning Buddhist powerful ghosts can help make a fortune, increase charm, enhance trade, support horoscope for a good life in the future, or in case of making vows for every successful wishes. Oracles will occur very soon if those wishes are in the reach of the skulls’ power. They are working to accumulate merit in the Dharma so care must be taken not to use their energy for causing suffering or black magick.

One must show respect to the black skull is by lighting two incenses and offering it a cup of whiskey every Buddhist day or Tuesday or Saturday . (Other food and sweets if had, also acceptable). There are specific kata for this skull for specific magical purposes, you can contact us for specific ones, we will include a print out of major ones with the skull.
One must ponder the ramifications of magical actions and the karma produced. One must weight them on the balance of the conscience, the heart and the soul and make a decision. The Buddhist tradition is one of protection by esoteric and physical means from martial arts to tantrik sorcery. If one has genuine enemies and foes on the path, or enlightened objectives that need supernatural catalysts, one can benefit from the might ghost spirits.

One must magically make a connection with the skull through the honor with the incense, attention and devotion. The more one engages in the use of the skull the more powerful the bond becomes. There are special kata to say thousands of times upon this skull to unlock more and more powers by connecting and gaining control of all aspects of the ghosts infused in the oils, ashes and bone, consisting of a retinue of 59 ghostly familiars that amplify the chief ghosts power. These can be granted over time to individuals inquiring and vowing not to misuse the ghostly energy to inflict suffering unless defensively (or offensively in a defensive strategy) or to overcome malicious obstacles.
If you want to use powerful spirits to control someone’s mind to love or like or be infatuated with us, dispel anger to you or be accepted a job or ask for postponement of paying debts or other particular purposes, the Lersi says is to write the name of the person whose mind we want to control on a piece of paper and put the skull on it and cast the heart of spell on it seven times every night before the bedtime and offer whiskey every Buddhist day or Tuesday or Saturday and make a vow in order put him/her in your control. Also one can write the specific spells and wishes that the ghost can aid and place these under the skull. Keep the skull on alter and honor with incense and whiskey and snacks it can be used to empower sigilgs and yantras with the combined acausal energy of the installed ghosts and power substances. These can be used to gain bhuta siddhi (mastery over spirits).
Offer whisky (one small glass), Light one stick of incense, and chant the following Kata
Om U-U A-A Mahaa Phuudtaa Bpariphuudtae Phuudtiwae Sandti Na Ma Maa Maa
Kata Pluk (Summon and Awaken)
So Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sa A Ni So A So A So Ni Ni Sa A So Ni So A So A Ni Yo Sa A A Ni So Sa Sa Ma Su
Kata for giving food and offerings
Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa
Kata for asking permission to use the to help complete a mission or other task
Puttang Mahaa Araatanaanang Atitdthaami Puttang Mahaa Bprasittimae Tammang Mahaa Aaraatanang Atidthaami Tammang Mahaa Bprasittimae Sangkang Mahaa Aaraatanaanang Atidthaami Sangkang Mahaa Bprasittimae