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Kali Ma Black Bhasma Powder


This is a sacred tantrik bhasma used in sexual and sorcery rites to incite that seething, boiling erotic energy that can start to affect time and space. In that eternal inward quest, absorbed in the consorts flow of energy, that inner singularity of energy opens those spiraling ways to ascended levels of consciousness. The microcosmic alchemy requires a special type of food and subtle nourishment to simultaneously fuel and feed the body while allowing it to transcend itself. this is a very rare item, very powerful and to be taken over time in microdoses for preparations, and increasing heroic amounts for tantrik rituals. $54 for 60 days of small doses. 108$ for 120 days. These amounts include enough for the .25 grams to .5 grams small doses for the 60 day increments that lead up to rituals, and enough for 15 days of taking the larger doses. In the small doses it’s great aphrodisiac and energy but we advise the casual person to not take too much the erotic energy can be overwhelming!*

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