The alchemical traditions are full of magical power substances and alloys that infused their users with nano-particles of precious substance or energized them with repeated use. These can be alchemical metals used for chalices, plates, Soma cups (drona), yantra, statues, takrut and many ritual devices. Lek Nam Pee was a metal used exclusively, until recently, for the utensils and swords of the King of Thailand. It is the fusion of meteoric explosions with the iron and mercury rich ores of Thailand, blasting out caves and perhaps sparking the emergent intelligent and sentient Nagas. These mythical cthonic beings taught and teach the esoteric arts and are the keepers of the subterranean treasures and secret lands. Here is a wonderful mala for use in gaining Siddhi through ardent practice. This has the 108 herbs mixed into the metas of Lek Nam Pee and Naga lek lai from the Wat Phra Thamyannamu temple monks. This is a protective mala as well for mantra recitation. The sacred clays are from the Temple burials of Arhats and monks, mixing in the 108 soma herbs that are preserved in Thailands lore. Although there are a few hermit that do create the elixirs, the Thai tradition follows a parallel tradition found in the alchemical/herbal/mineral arts which is that of transdermal absorption. One can find many soma herb and takrut, and magical ungents and beads that absorb into the skin rather then ingested directly. These magical ungents (we are having a few here soon) and malas infuse into the skin, especially during the hot periods of the year where sweat can mingle. These are sacred herbs and metals, of celestial and alchemical origins there is a astral entwining as they become infused into the body, they radiant an essence from the monastic empowerments and Buddhist Supreme Blessings. These mingle with the practitioner’s mantra, energy and sacred space. It is advised to construct a personal altar for one’s objects and the mala is the central item, using it to count out special mantra, distillations or ritual timing.

There are many magical uses of this mala, we can publish these publicly

As a protection : from people, bad spirits, danger poison animals, and black magic, if you have a foe vexing you, can write their name on the paper and bind it within, then burn this.

As Love Charms: Metta Maha Saney, love attraction, can write person’s name and your name and encircle it with mala making wish

As windfall wealth: calling money, good fortune, customers, trading, business success

As for gambling: wearing this necklace then say “Au-yerh-ye” many many times until your hair standing up, then use that hand to play your luck.

Kata for lek Lai, it is traditional to offer 12 sticks of incense and perform Bucha ceremony every full moon.
(Kata for asking the Lek Lai to allow you to take it and wear it with you – from ‘Jao Khun Pra Putai Sawan Worakun, or, Luang Por Hone, of Wat Putai Sawan).
Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa (3 times)
Puttang Aaraatanaanang Tammang Aaraatanaanang Sangkang Aaraatanaanang
Na Mo Puttaaya Na Ma Pa Ta Ja Pa Ga Sa Na I A Ta A Na I – Idtipiso Pakawaa Ji Bi Sae Dti Jijeruni Ma A U
Then make your prayer, or wish.
Kata Bucha Lek Lai – for Praying to the Kaya Siddhi for attaining “Body of Siddha”
(Kata for incantation in the home or when carrying Lek Lai)
Putto Mae Naa Tho, Tammo Mae Naa Tho, Sangko Mae Naa Tho
Sa Ga Pa Ja Bucha Ja
I pay reverence to the guardian of the Sacred Element of Lek Lai that wields
great power.
I Sa Waa Su I Dti Bpi So Pa Ka Waa
Lek Lai, please grow and prosper,prosper greatly, cultivate good things and let them flow towards me.
Samma Sammaa Sammaa Samma Ma A U
Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya