This is a very rare and precious alchemical siddha formula composed of extracts of the 108 kaya kalpa herbs of 54 male and 54 female herbs with a blend of the traditional calcinated alchemically bhasma of the nine gems and high-spin, superconductive mono-atomic metallic bhasmas that have been calcinated and cleansed of all toxicity. These are the secrets to rejuvenation taught by the master Siddhars, whose alchemical renaissance and culture building produce the most advanced, enlightened sciences, culture, art and spiritual in the world. They are a dynamic force of unbelievable skill, technique and inspiration, producing complex scientific texts on all aspects of medicine and enlightenment sciences. Their findings are constantly being validated by modern science in peer reviews of their claims from cosmological to medical to spiritual in the interdependent system of consciousness. The Siddha were focused to achieve the Absolute Self and the body had to be strong, intelligent and capable to endure and prosper on the path. The Siddha were renowned as alchemists and doctors and saints helping the poor, challenging all the evils of society, and the interior poisons of the body and spirit. From their energetic focus and interpenetrating insight the Siddha became the conduit for divine energies of healing rejuvenation as a true mercy to mankind. This is a shakti medicine of potential energy manifested by the Siddha into a power-substance (Shakthi dhathu).

Golden Nectar pills are one of the elite class of Siddha alchemical supplements, being the catalytic spark for the psycho-spiritual transmutations towards radiant Self. We live in a vast field of electro-magnetic energy. The macrocosmic world is a colossal saltwater battery with the sun and magnetic poles and core of the earth acting as the terminals and conduits, like the spine and chakras in the body. The saline oceans and solar/ lunar positive and negative polarities are the source charge energies that pulsate in this electrolytic organic battery. Salt-water batteries demonstrate that salt-water is highly efficient as an electrolytic solution to conduct electricity and move electrons from the anode (+) to the cathode (-). The condensed cosmic energies that produces the lattice and spirals of gems and shells and manifested the arterial like veins of ores in the earth that amplify and conduct as electrolytic metals are permeated from the solar/lunar external power source. These are the alchemical bhasmas as well as the ores and minerals essential to life itself in the proper quantities: Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Nickel, Gold, Aluminum, Iron, Brass and others in various arrays and percentages and essential trace minerals an salts. The external electrical charge is the earth’s Schumann Resonance which is 7.83 Mhz and the unstruck sound of Aum, the spiral galaxy, down to the conch shell in the fractal resonance that is the microcosmic spin that is the key to numinous health and well being. This is a call and response cellular communication that is pulsating in spiraling waves, orbiting the electronic charges of the inner universe. When this inner galaxy is in harmony, the actualizing empowering energy becomes a superconductive force for energy, inspiration and creativity to even higher and higher spiritual levels should one pursue them. There is no alkaloidal extract to isolate and attempt some reduction causal and basically chemical cure, because consciousness affects matter and the electronic charge of the body.

As the body ages and stress and inner turmoil accumulates, it is like stripping the insulation from the wires and skewing the spin of the signals so that they are weakened, dissipated and imbalanced. Some can begin to spin in the opposite directions, leading to crisis states of health and terminal (as in the battery again) illness, when the animating charge of matter ceases. It is precisely this charge that science can not even begin to speak upon, a blast of pure energy that had to have contained the potential for all and everything. This energy evolved into higher and higher states of being, this according to mainstream science, as all this something came from nothing but yet has an unbreakable and relentless teleology to higher complex forms of consciousness. Science will acknowledge that at some point single cell organisms divided and with myriad mutations grew appendages, opposable thumbs, and manifested sensory organs to crawl out of the soup and eventually become a creature that could create and discover all the infinite complexity of the universe. This same doctrine can not acknowledge the fundamental role that Will and consciousness play in the creation and foundation of reality, although modern physics has had to reevaluate all the Cartesian and materialistic models as the strange atomic nature of reality simply does not conform to any of their models.

This is the essential method of kaya kalpa therapy, in the introduction of the cosmic energetic signatures in the various power substances of the sacred soma rich herbs, to the noble and therapeutic levels of the nano-particulated metals and minerals that are purified in traditions stretching back 5000 years in to the mystery of the original Soma cults back to Lord Shiva himself. This is the re-vitalizing forest medicine of the Siddhas who to go beyond the ordinary states of being research and sought for the power substances to bridge the gap with the divine subtle realm. The mono-atomic spin of these plants and cellular signalizing of the herbs and minerals are the electrolytic salts that permeate the body making the microcosmic bio-chemical battery super-conduct and spin, with the particles in high spin states they literally lose atomic weight as does some other alchemical and exotic matter. This can be used for physical health, or spiritually and ritually potentiated to accelerate and concentrate to open up the points along the spine to light up the Rainbow or Light body. Because the spin is so high and the energy is flowing so intense the materialistic bonds and psychic entrenchments that convince us of this reality can fade, giving pure consciousness and will power a greater force and conduit for action against the inertia of this physical realm. Kaya Kalpa substances are the pure cellular super vitamins that activate the latent microcosmic charges by linking the internal nectar with the combined universal outer nectar essence. The result is limited only by one’s inner fire and energy.

For best results with these it’s good to take a low dose over time, one can take one pill per day or crush the pill and mix with other herbs and taking a pinch over 108 days. This should be taken with milk, do not take too much it can cause an overrload of energy. A maximum of two pills per day for aphrodisiac or convalescence therapy, Best to take it with a good sattvic diet and after a preliminary detox protocol or taken ritually for blessings.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.