Organic 3 Goddess Tea, Rose Hibiscus and Lotus Flower tea for puja, ritual and meditation 12$ 5 oz

Flowers gladden the mind and confer prosperity. Hence, men of righteous deeds bestowed the name Sumanas on them.

That man who is in a state of purity offers flowers to the deities finds that the deities become gratified with him, and as the consequence of such gratification bestow prosperity upon him.

Source – The Mahabharata, Book 13, Anusasana Parva, Chapter 101, Verses 19 to 21

This is a sacred traditional tea, found in Tantrik and puja ceremonies, this is a blend of three goddess herbs in resplendent harmony. This tea is made of organic rose petals, which is one of the sacred goddess herbs offered to the Supreme Lord in many forms, with hibiscus japa flowers used to strengthen mantra and sacred to Ma Durga. The third flower is lotus, the sacred feminine in its purest spiritual form. This is a tea that microcosmically invokes three types of consciousness, with the rose as the heart and love, the hibiscus as ultimate shakti and occult powers residing in the dark red hue of the feminine power substances, and the lotus, the crowning blossom of pure enlightenment. This is an invocation to the dakinis and yoginis into the various channels if drunk in sadhana or puja. This is medicinal in spiritual and physical ways, and is best served hot before meditation and rituals.*

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