Samatha is Sanskrit for calm abiding, which steadies, composes, unifies and concentrates the mind. It is a unique Siddha and yogic formula for use in meditation and to aid in combating stress and restless energy, the inability to focus, the foggy mind.

This is a formula from the Siddha doctors used to promote the supreme calm, to quell the restless angst, to subdue the tormenting anxious tendencies. Combine with the skillful means of meditation, engage the senses in singular thought, word and deed and use the plant allies to abide in the tranquil mind state. Used by Tantriks in visionary rites, these are disciple herbs to the Soma guru plant. These plants are soothing, uplifting and sattvic tonics and adaptogens that balance adrenals and have the psychic effects to silence the whisperer during the visionary rituals of amrita.

A blend of our favorite Rasayana herbs, prepared in the tonic extractions that are the source of all spagyrics, as Paracelsus spent his time in India. It is a base of Five Holy Basil Tulsi extracts and three lotus syrup with full-spectrum ashwagandha, bhrami, Mandukparni, Shavatavari and proprietary organic herbal blends, organic wild Indian honey. This recipe is found in Siddha palm manuscripts and some of the herbs do no have an English name or Latin name and are only found in the temple our mountain of the Siddha Boganathar. We name this to represent the tranquil qualities that also transmit across Vedic, Siddha, Mahayana Buddhist and also Daoist lineages as Siddha Boganathar is linked with Lao Tzu in the lore.

These herbs produce a profound synergy with other visionary and calming herbs, with the skillful means of japa and meditation, with healing retreats, dream practices, fasting and kayakalpa retreats. Such herbal blends are bioavailable and powerful signals that break the negative physiological feedback loops of illness and psychosomatic response. To ritually devote time to calm and meditation in the Kali Yuga is a supreme act of empowerment and investment in spiritual, mental and physical health for true Dharma. This is the duty to our loved ones balanced with the true spiritual purpose and Way life.

Please see the monograph series on Rasayana for articulation and herbal data on these products and exegesis on the Upaya or kaushalya (कौशल्य, “cleverness”), upaya-kaushalya meaning “skill in means” that are taught by the Sages.