This is a recipe from the untranslated palm manuscripts attributed to the Siddha Boganathar, the master alchemist and creator of the famous Navapashanam (contact us for interest in this). This is a premiere rasayana and kayakalp “transformation (kalpa) of the body (kaya)” style formula, good for the deep detoxification and purges. It can be added in a smoothie or mixed with water, but the traditional and best method is with some honey and sometimes ghee. A large heaping spoonful and mixing into honey to form a paste. As a traditional Rasayanam or longevity/rejuvenating herb its traditional use is for immunity and physical strength, Tonic, Rejuventative, libido.

This has as many of the 108 herbs (that are safe or legal) and of all the elite rasayana discussed in the Rasayana series V.1, and 3 in full spectrum extracts with the mineral and essences. For the catalyst of visionary herbs one must do their own research, such as is presented throughout the Rasayana series, but esepcially V.2, and 3.

These are powdered and sifted down to a bioavailable powder that is the perfect synergy of adaptogens, immune boosting, longevity and rejuvenating herbs with the slow acting detox herbs that cleanse the deep-seated filth of the digestive track (the ama), and balance the doshas. This the perfect supplement for fasting, for a nourishing supplement to take as it contains triphala and moringa for nutrient dense vitamins and stabilizing blood sugar levels and hormonal shifts, it has the ashwagandha, shatavari and brahmi for mood and immune boosting as well as anti-inflammatory actions, shilajit for minerals and rich fulvic and humic acids, rich sacred Himalayan and other key ingredients such as ShankhaPushpi, Haridra, BAla, Vidanga, Bimbi, Jivanti, Guduchi, YashtiMadhu, turmeric, fenugreek, black cumin, ginger, galangal.

This assists in pranayama and deep breathing, in purging biofilms and blood cleanse, aids in meditation, unties the psychic knots with the proper adjoining ways to stretch and circulate the energy.

These herbs are a wonder if used in proper manner. Abstain from junk food, junk media, junk conversations and low quality or tamasic people. Seal the personality and practice a provisional selfishness and self-care to get strong, to adjust one’s mental and physical health. It is the feedback loop of spiritual health and the body that must be balanced. Toxic habits and ways of thinking must be purged, refined and transmuted. Health was not some separated or reductionist understanding to the ancestors or to the masters. It is an integration of mind, body and spirit, of thought, word and action that combine to the Purifications of the body and soul.

In the Vedic and Siddha traditions this is part of a extensive traditional detoxification(Panchakarma), Kayakalpa (an ancient system for total body healing and rejuvenation. These are the Rasayana therapies of classical Ayurveda, but with a different, more specific goal: extending the lifespan, even immortalizing the body, of the advanced spiritual aspirant, to enable attainment of the goal of moksha – spiritual liberation – in this lifetime, in this body. This is the true alchemy, the saturation of the body with the tonic herbs that builds a secret fire. This is harnessed with the skillful means (upaya) and aimed with the Master Narrative, the initiatory Tradition. These herbs were usually only for royals or elite Siddha sages, and they are still limited in the small batches we can make at a time and humbly dispense for those to add to their healing protocols.