We give thanks to the Siddhas and Gurus that give us these herbal formula and teach us the path to spiritual and physical health. The advanced kayakalp protocols require dedication, peaceful solitude and progressive regimens to attain and ripen the body for the highest alchemical medicines. But one must detox, do the energetic works with the lesser alchemical formula to gradually prepare the body. These first phase herbals are the the lower dosages of the higher formula in many cases with other herbs to gentle detoxify poisons and pollution and energetically coarse through the body, gently untying the psychic knots of stress, trauma, pain and injury. As we age and the stresses and pollutions combine, the bodies vitality is sapped in trying to keep balance. As poor food and lifestyle effect digestion, toxins build and coat the intestines, creating biofilms that the kidneys can not filter, thickening blood causing organs to work harder and physiologically registering as stress. This is the classical perfect storm bio-feedback loop. The best protocols are the detoxing, living probiotic rich ama reducing bitters formula and these full spectrum herbal, mineral and alchemical bhasma tablets. To facilitate this we have sought out the best masters who can make the traditional 5000 year old formula using 19th century cast iron machines to press the pills and coat them in purified alchemical edible silver. This is a powerhouse, and the binding agent is deep mountain purified sun dried alchemical therapy grade shilajit! This is the kayakalpa supplement we have sourced to give a tiger energy back to the common man who wants to work hard, train hard and play hard. This is for those that are getting to the mid-life but still in their prime and wanting to take their training to the next level, and potentiating their erotic energy, stamina and potency. This is a formula that is raising erotic energies to that blissful level of ready, able and willing. This increases the thickness and quality of sperm (and pardon this x-rated comment, but according to women who comfortable enough to give feedback, they say it improves the taste and mineral content).

We can not say enough about these power-packed Bengali herbs, purified shilajit and alchemical bhasmas in a beautiful hand pressed silver tablet priced for the common man for a month supply at less than a dollar a day. We want to always strive to find the best products for those seeking radiant health, pure spiritual power and strength. We like to have powerful traditional herbs that can be used to kick start an alchemical revolution of strong healthy individuals. We have offerings for the female, but here is for the man, the unique biological hormones and sexual chemistry of a male and those precious substances that generate the greatest radiating energy that reverses cellular distortion and mutations through energetic and dynamic signals that reestablish that original source power. Our goal is alchemical revolutions of the self and tribe and community. This requires strong, sane and healthy people capable of expressing and participating in acquiring skills, training and yet intimate, integrated and sexually vital as a source of creative power. The diminishing sexuality or energy can have psychic and psychologically depressing effects on all aspects of life, a certain nihilism, a certain resignation to growing older. But we can revitalize the body with many powerful and ancient secrets from the Yogis and Siddhas. One can see the amazing health of these masters, as well as the beautiful art and culture, often quite erotic, of Southern Indian Tantra. This is because the joy and vitality of that culture is sustained in these traditional medicines and techniques and giving a enjoyment of life (bhoga) in the yoking of energy (yoga) to the ultimate goal of liberation (moksha). We invite the men that want to take the empowering initiatory journey to regaining health and energy, in achieving spiritual and physical balance and the return to the Original Clarity, then avail yourself of the Siddha catalysts and get to Work in transmuting your old self into Gold.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.