The Silver color here does not indicate this is second to golden pill, but this is the moon’s soma energy expressed in the alchemical silver lunar nectar. This is composed of 5 bhasmas of gold, silver, parad, diamond, pearl, and the nectar essences of 54 male herbal essences with Siddha energetic muppu salt bhasmas. This a tonic for men wanting a complete change in their life, a jumpstart to better health and momentum in life. Perfect for yogi or the athlete, this is one for an intense training period, workouts rigorous ascetics and extended erotic bliss. This is a powerful energetic power substance, side effects may be wanting to go do a massive hike, pushups, or mimic Lord Shiva and his consort in running the gambit of erotic positions over and over again. We can honestly say that these pills have changed our lives, giving a focus and energy, a massive productivity, and vitality, with the untying of knots of sour moods, depression and deviated and wasted energy. It is a super tonic for the Will Power, and manifesting reality while aiding concentration and physical training to be the complete male. It doesn’t matter if middle age or older or a young man wanting to begin to hone those essential skills that make one a primary source of power in the tribe, this is a sacrament for the inner and outer alchemical transmutation. This is one to take in embarking on moving, active yoga, construction, martial arts, hard labor and rigorous activity. This is a blissful, power feeling energetic medicine with those nano-mono-atomic high spin elements that blend with our consciousness to focus and concentrate that deep subconscious mind and attune with the deepest intentions and desires. We only have to step into the power, the energy and be a fitting, able receptacle. This is for those trying to go beyond the limits of their own self and fully become the warrior yogi sorcerer it will take to remain sane and standing in this free fall collapse of the old aeon. Get strong, get focused, make allies and train, hone and gather skillful means of the spirit and the hands. Artisan traditions, handmade, this is the way of the male that must be reestablished. Outside of the video game and spectator sports alcoholic generation that has claimed all our peers. Outside the materialism and the mundane, outside the boundaries and confines of victimhood, excuses and platitudes. Outside the venom of self-doubt, limitations and fear. Into integrity, vitality, authenticity, compassionate action and vibrant radiant bliss earned and protected through inner and outer strength. We get these in bulk for ourselves and try to keep the price down for the every man out there working hard to make it, and on the alchemical path if you happen to be reading this. Om Sharavana-bhavaya Namaha*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.