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The toxic accumulation of industrial poisons, in many cases added intentionally to the water supply as in fluoride, are well known to calcinate the pineal gland. The pineal gland’s role in the concept of a third eye is well known and ancient, with reptiles having a parietal eye, also known as a third eye or pineal eye. The third eye is awakened and becomes such an eye for the serpent within, the kundalini, that is coiled at the base of the spine. Many things can impede this progress, taint the results or skew the resultant energies. The role of safely releasing the inner poisons and transmuting them into the energy for true realization are the aims of the ultimate science of Tantra and Yoga. There is a war on consciousness, because of the innate power of every human being. This is a spiritual war that is waged with the silent, invisible chemicals, pollutants, frequencies and genetic modifications, the “injunctions and injections” of mass population control and a dark global alchemical experiment that has already inflicted infinite suffering on earth. These Asuric or demonic forces are also within us, polluting our pure mind, our innocent and divine consciousness with the bio-phobic or life-fearing fear and worry that roots and cements us in this reality.

This is the Kali Yuga, the thick of the spiritual combat, inner and outer, and the time to embody the divine warrior of Lord Murugan consciousness. Lord Murugan is commonly shown inside the Tamil writing of the sacred AUM, which is itself a glyph for the empowering of the pineal gland/third eye. We must spiritualize with ancient wisdom but for this current age. This is not about attempting to live as ancient (or modern) Hindus or try and recreate the past; this must be a living tradition of techniques decrpyted from palm manuscripts, liberated from secret oaths, and dispersed from monasteries, hermitages and temples. There has to emerge a new type of saint in the spiritual darkness, with a hurricane (wing-guard) lamp to protect the light. We are surrounded by hungry ghosts in human flesh, haunting addictions and diseases, their eyes betraying endless trauma and suffering. The human essence pressed out in the brutal mix of affluence and poverty, the subtle mix of heaven and hell that infuses life with the true horror of wasted potential, lost generations and broken dreams. It is no great miracle to find this path in the land of a million temples and saints, with sacred mountains and gurus upon every corner. We want those that have crawled out of the ghettos, trailer parks, the dismal suburbs, the soul shattering wealthy districts who have tasted the bitter and the sweet, the pain, the doubts and the soul’s long exile in brutal but alluring Maya matrix.

These are the new saints that transmute so much pain into oceans of nectar, whose sickness or pain, the violence and shame, and cruelty with not even the semblance of tradition or guidance to succor their soul. These are the true beloved of Shiva, who initiate themselves in their steadfast seeking for the elixir of true Realization. These are the true yogis who weather the flux of distractions and materialism, in a land with no temples or saints, and find and hold true to the path. It is for these that we blend these herbs from Masters who understand and prepared elixirs to guide us through these times. The pineal gland is the fundamental organ that processes light, the biological seat of consciousness, the linking of the material and physical world and inner crucible that processes consciousness. These are the traditional herbs to fuel that fire and transmute all the wayward energies, illnesses, aggressions and pain into the pure inner amrita nectar. This is the strength of the Siddha and Lord Murugan.*

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