The Siddha Guru only make very few parad items per year. We have sought the secrets from the fragmented alchemical lineages and brought them back together into the laboratory of the great hermit masters. The result is empowered parad mercury, the semen and seed of Lord Shiva, that amplifies intention, purifies sin and shatters obstacles. Parad is the true secret of the Path, the Way of Mercury, the messenger metal that sends prayers and intentions into the celestial realm of the Gods.

We will release special power items in preparing for the most sacred Rites. We have attempted these Rites, almost never accomplished in the modern world many times and have learned from the failures. We are honest in these regards because these are sacred rituals that are successful maybe once in 500 years. These are the empowerments and alchemical rituals that prime for a true spiritual avatar and warrior spirit to become the foundation of a vibrant lineage and Tradition, a Sangha. We have sought to overcome every obstacle, every demoralizing defeat, every crushing blow from the modern world, the demonic forces, the intruding collapse of this world age.

We always write that one must push, raise up and strive upwards to the Gods. This is how one obtains the sacred glance, the beckoning glimpse of divine forces that bend to assistance when the seeker needs the hand of providence to intervene. We are all at such crossroads. We are all facing the final phases of ancient Agendas. Property, dreams, goals of the exoteric world will fade into the red dust of oblivion. All that matters is your ability to be steadfast, to recall the true purpose of Life. All of us, especially those reading this, will have had the mini enlightenments of what is true and meaningful. We have all had profound insights into what is love, compassion, what is the true Light of the world and purpose. Yet the rust and dust of the world clouds this and dulls that understanding.

True practice awakens and reawakens. True practice is transmuting and transformative. True practice, like true love, empowers and strengthens, it heals, it makes noble what was base. True practice generates its own fire and energy. True alchemical parad absorbs and potentiates this energy like a battery. It is a storage and spiritual generator that amplifies this energy. This special offering item is to assist in some of these special projects, to aid our spiritual war with the forces that seek to destroy the Way.

You can see it before you as the forces gather. When the dust settles, what shall remain to guide humanity? We have taken the eternal Bodhisattva vow to remain as warriors in this fight until all true sentient beings escape from this realm of suffering. As the economic war increases, as the social norms are destroyed, as shortages, tracking, tracing, as manufactured crisis and manipulated tragedies increase, realize it will increase with the objective to shatter your Mind and Soul. It is to dull your senses, that you withdraw into pain, into sadness, into hopelessness. There are very few ways to combat these without a Master and Living Sangha. We invite you to obtain this empowering mala and join within our correspondence for a community of support, of skillful means, of healing.

We have long ago started this group to obtain the most potent healing medicines for ourselves and loved ones. We know there is a deep physical and spiritual sickness within and intruding from without. We swore to become Saints, to become living Buddhas of enlightened action in the pure service of healing and disseminating Skillful means. We have devoted our entire life to this without the care of the future. We were told such dire truths from every lama, from every Guru, from the hermits to prepare and brace the spirit for unprecedented change and spiritual warfare. It has only just begun. But the preparation is of the Mind and to invest in health to endure. To become as healthy, as radiant, as full of the secret fire with one’s striving is to grant divine celestial assistance, where the Buddhas, Siddhas and Gods themselves provide grace and mercy.

Parad is the ultimate alchemical and spiritual technology. We hope you can avail yourselves of these crucial items as they are available few and far between and some, only once.

This is a special therapeutic grade mala, that is worn for health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, sexual weakness, lethargy, irritability, depression, and negative mood. It is specially coated to be worn for long period of times, with the very slow and gentle transdermal homeopathic exposure to special rasayana herbs and medical grade alchemically cleansed parad and silver. This is also a special parad for concentration and focus for scholarship and students, or for the brain fog or senility in growing old. According to ancient texts and literature available for Mercury Metal (Parad Dhatu), apart from being the only metal in the universe to exist in liquid state at room temperature and possessing highest density, Parad Dhatu also possesses the vital property of mobility i.e.(Chanchalatva), hence its resemblance is directly proportional to human mind, which fluctuates incessantly and is unstable in decision making capacity which affects an individual Mentally, Physically, Financially and Intellectually in personal life. This is also a japa mala and can be used to empower for specific healing purposes with special mantra, you can contact us for appropriate mantra from our Guru and Siddha Master doctor.

When Parad Dhatu is properly purified (i.e. 100 % purified with respect to various Sanskaras) and then subjected to the procedure of Solidification with healing herbal salts, losing its actual natural property of mobility and attaining a solid, purified and stable state, Parad Dhatu is transformed in the form of Parad Bead Meditation Mala. The medicated herbal Parad Rosary helps to stabilize the human mind and get rid of its constant fluctuation via meditation thereby enhancing the sound state of mind and effecting the bodies energies to correct chronic discomforts and issues.

Special offering includes parad dhatu mala and parad sadhana pamphlet with gift