We are alchemical and herbal missionaries and masters of the Indo-European herbal lore. This is the ancient, primordial Wisdom, the true perennial philosophy, the Master Narrative of the ancestral herbal traditions. The original people were the culture bearers of mythos that proceeded from the central homeland. All of the lore and holy traditions, from Ireland to India, from the Pesians, the ancient Russians, the lands of the Dharma, the Greeks, the Norse Remember this sacred original Northern homeland.

Lord Shiva is Rudra and Rudra conjoins with Soma within the Rig Veda, which is known to be written within the Northern central axis regions. We have a secret heritage, lost from the amnesia of trauma, time, and the occult wars. There is a sickness of mind, body and spirit that permeates this realm and especially in these modern times. It takes heroic efforts, it takes the complete saturation of the herbal catalysts, it takes the theurgic and tantric bhakti (devotion) the Guru of Gurus, the Lord of Herbs, the King of Soma that is Lord Shiva in his meditation.

This is a one of a kind hand-painted statue from the Siddhar Temples where we obtain the rasayana and alchemical formula. It is a holy idol, the empowered presence of the avatar of the creator and destroyer and sustainer of worlds. His seed is the sacred mercury, from his head is the crescent soma moon. He is blue from holding the churned poison from the war of the Gods that is unleashed upon the world.

We present the full volumes of Rasayana 1-3 for this special offering and any two Rasayana Ausadi tinctures. These should be the catalyst for one’s complete herbal retreat to achieve radiant health and to ignite, enclose and protect the sacred fire within which these herbs ignite. There are 108 of these special kayakalp herbs, 54 male/54 female with guru herbs. Most of these are the special rasayana herbs that we write within these monographs, some are only disclosed in the advanced writings and research society members.

We obtain these herbs from the same Siddha temples as the Siddha Boganathar, and the masters enclose special gifts to proceed to raise funds for alchemical research and health initiatives and projects. We seek to propagate these sacred medicines, the holy herbs, the skillful means to take them, and the Master Narrative of the True Siddha Dharma to achieve the exoteric and esoteric goals in this very body, in this very lifetime.

The body is the crucible, there is the digestive fire, the sexual fire, the fire of consciousness and hte secret fire of the immortal light body within. We are fettered to matter, we are grasping at the delusions that obscure the true Self and Reality. The templates of the method of igniting this secret fire are within the lore of the Aryan people, the alchemical methods encoded in the Gods and heroic ordeals to awaken and shatter fate, karma and wyrd or destiny.

Sigilize your home, make your home a temple and ashram to the Gods, to healing protected by the warriors strength and training. Create the shrine to the healing Gods and the source of the rasa waters, the heroic ascetic and householder, the Lord of Tantra that is Mahadev. Lord Shiva’s protection and presence is beyond words, an ineffable vision of glances and boons are always ready for the sincere disciple. Those who devote themselves to the holy herbs and light the fire of spiritual power, the tapas of true yoga, and aim their thought, word and deed can transcend all obstacles and achieve the highest state of the company of the blessed.

This purchase will aid the retreat of advanced yogi and hermits who go to the mountains to do the highest practices and create the spiritual items, wildcraft the herbs and do the sacred writings that teach the methods to attainment. Pick a side in this spiritual war and increase merit and devotion to Lord Shiva.

Please contact tantriklaboratories@gmail.com upon order of this Special Offering. To any loyal friends who wish to have this but need to put a deposit to hold it for you, please contact. We will also include sacred incense to Shiva and Navapashanam thailam.