Please note this is for the parad items in the pictures only. The handpainted Shiva statue is part of concurrent special offering available here.

We present Siddha Purified Parad (Mercury) Lingam and Parad Mala combination offering. The science of Parad is the highest Tantra, the highest external alchemy and empowering aspect of all occult and spiritual sciences. It is a Guru, a link to the Gods, a solvent of obstacles and bad karma, a battery of spiritual power, a receiver of spiritual influence, a golden chain of the divine essence solidified in the eternal symbolism of the conjoined sexual emissions of the God and Goddess. This is the Supreme doctrine, the Great Work’s symbolism externalized as the key to unlock the deepest insights into alchemy. One must master the plant, mineral, and metal kingdoms and this is the apex of the alchemical, yogic and Tantrik skillful means.

We feel we have earned a certain trust and integrity with our loyal patrons supporters with the quality of the herbs, with the consistent message of pure Dharma across our Guild and other projects. We are of a consistent thought, word, and action for a life time. We are of an integrity tested in suffering, in pain, in exile, in alienation, in sickness, in near death. It has been been abused, betrayed, estranged but these are ordeals, tests to find true masters, true skillful means, to dissolve the toxins of the spirit that sicken the soul and tarnish the heart. The golden self takes on the masks, the veneer, the rust and red dust of these pains. The true self gets lost in a labyrinth within, broken, fragmented and cast in the inner darkness of true solitude no matter. Our entire mission is with the urgency, with the Crisis of Being and the peril of our situation in these dark ages to propagate the most powerful, vital and efficient skillful means to liberate from these conditions.

It is only that one deserves trust and integrity by honoring oaths and vows. This begins with the little things, with vows to self and loved ones, to children and elders and most of all to the Gods. In an age where people can pledge to stay together for eternity and drift apart and divorce, it is hard to fathom what keeping one’s word and what being loyal and having integrity means. It begins with having a clear discernment of the goal, the target, the Great Work. But there is a deep poison that made this difficult even in the times where masters were many. The Way is simple, but not easy, but the Traditions have been decimated, infiltrated, subverted. The void is filled with the lures of false Ways, of deceptions to harness and capture energy, attention, resources.

Our research is to heal this human condition, this sickness of delusion that penetrates to the DNA of intergenerational traumas, of pain and sufferings in the DNA, of gripping misery and sadness in the muscles, blood, bones, and sinew. It is to untie these knots that bind and fetter one to distorted and wayward traps that seduce, lure and fascinate one into dissipating and relinquishing power. This is the true alchemy, the true science of the Adepts, the core of the Indo-European traditions, encoded within the Rig Veda to the Norse Sagas as the magical herbs, the sacred elixirs or meads, the magical metallurgy and divine smiths. It is of the poison drinking God Shiva who takes the churned up toxins of the production of the amrita and locks it within the throat. These are the supreme processes of creation, of macrocosmic and cosmological process as the expression of divine intelligence, of the procreate and generative intention of the Gods and their struggle with the entropic forces of chaos, of dissolution and the abyss that threaten even the celestial realms.

They are the template for the adept cast upon this earth, to enclose the crucible of the body and purify the sheaths of toxic poison and transmute the venom of malignant pain, sadness and suffering into a pure elixir that transmutes one within. Stop leaking the energy, seal the gates, purge the enemy, control the three fires, and let the spontaneous blossom arise through the mud of muddled delusion. Take the herbs, expel the toxins, engage the senses in the fervor of Bhakti, saturate the mind in the lore o the original People, take all brute force, all intellect, all erotic energy, all visionary exaltation and aim it towards the supreme devotion to the Guru of Gurus and gain the boons of a glance. Heal the body and prepare the alembic within, circulate the energy, the tapas of fasting nurtured with the tonic herbs. And in these states the true power of the elixirs, the lustrous waters of navapashanam, the bhasmas, the parad and sigils, the mandala and yantra reveal their secrets. Yoginis and dakini are present within the coagulated essence of the divine semen of mercury and silver. These can be seen within the 108 soma herbs, in the glow of the homa fires, within the silent shrine of the blue pearl within.

The bliss, the exalting empowerments of the senses need the proper corresponding methods to unravel the knots to the sorcery of this world of Maya and illusion. The inner fire needs the most potent herbs in the Tantric doses, in the purified state. The sense of smell must be pacified with the aroma of the divine plants, the eyes with the idols and fire of the agni rites. The sense of taste must be know the herbs sacred to Lord Shiva, the sense of touch must know the mudra and the smooth, cool power of the parad.

We offer the special parad items in respect to our Siddha Guru, the master of the Siddha temples who makes our authentic navapashanam and bhasmas in a tradition that goes back to the original Siddhars of Palani. They have saved our very life, they have shown the way to the true visionary arts and skillful means of the muppu, of the amrita and soma herbs to reveal the numinous form. All proceeds go towards research and further projects to support this work. In these dark times, it is economic and spiritual warfare to break and destroy the golden chains of the way that remain. Invest in our Works and gain merit, health, and skillful means as we seek to presence the Way as the world burns.

We are at work to provide special offerings, special equipment and herbs for members, supporters and disciples. The absolute chaos and storms of the slow fuse of wars are unleashed and burning. One can sink to despair or be liberated through knowing that there is no future but the spiritual certainty of encounter with the Lord of Death. Just as some of us need to hit rock bottom, to face death, to face exile, sickness, to be beaten until we awaken to truth of an exiled and denied divine heritage so must one confront the toxic demons that subvert even a moment of true peace in the wandering in samsara. It takes super-effort, it takes the heroic force that so few can truly aggregate and control. They will have excuses of distractions, but it can integrated within the householder path, the hermit, and there is nothing that can keep the elite from attaining their mission and tasks. The failures, the falls, the fresh starts and trying again are the distillations that purify and solidify what is volatile, and purify what is poison into medicine.

This is the same process this alchemical mercury has been subjected to and it must be treated as the presence of Shiva. The Parad Mala is not to be worn casually but kept in a holy place. It is to be worn only in the ritual purity, in meditation, and after one has washed and purified themselves from within and without. It is the essential tools for the tantric use of the soma herbs, of the visionary rites, in potentiating and empowering mantra, intention, meditation, in having spiritual protection in attacks, in linking with our Guru and inner circle in protection and filiation and discipleship. We rarely release such items but our missionary work expands with the dire times and we seek to do great works in this precious incarnation and aid those with sincere desires and devotion to help. Of course, if you are skeptical do not buy, it is a spell and sorcery against yourself. It is already a seed of doubt, a conflict. To the one moved to the core by these words this is for you and no one and else we will include specific mantra and writings of the Society and our Guild associates in India

We thank you for support,

Prepared with 18 Sanskaars (18 stages of purification as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of all toxins and empowered with lengthy puja this is the siddha parad for the highest yoga practice. There are many low quality mala around but this is from the genuine practitioners and yogis passed in oral traditions of making the most spiritual powerful mala. Even the best online are mostly 8 sanskaars, but thats fine for the idols but not for wearing the mala. Parad is naturally energized metal. The parad metal does not need to be energized. In Hindu purans, specially mentioned in brahma puran that the wearer and user of parad idols brings all enjoys for that person. Blessing from the lord rains on them who worship and use parad. Parad idols give mokshya and honors and glorifying life.

Parad is a liquid material. Best known as quicksilver. Parad is also known as mercury. Parad is also collected from stones or from the coal burning. It does not have self-power to take any hard shape. Silver gives parad the power to be hard and bring any shape. So mixture of silver is auspicious with parad. There are different quality of parad. The quality is the purity of the product, mostly measured in percentage. 30 Percent to 80 percent purity are available in the market. It is difficult to find out the percentage of the product just by seeing it.

We believe that best quality of parad should be 80 percent. It gives the person best benefits that he desires out of it.

We write in the monographs that come with the special offerings the means of worship and devotion to use the parad in traditional way. There is so much online on what is ‘real’ parad, and what it will do in certain reactions. Some say it will leave no marks (but that is do to silver content which tarnishes and the conditions a person can have, or it can be inferior from tin metal), but one can simply coat this metal and say are purer, or they can put a powder that reacts to make it look gold and say this makes it real. The texts are clear that some react to skin to indicate toxic conditions of body and soul, or personal filth on the skin, a kind of acidity in the oils and sweat of the body that are signs of imbalance. Pure parad is complex and made in specific ways and can be fragile as our own achievements and the union in this realm is precarious. It is volatile, it is a liquid that is held in solid form. Therefore it is always in a state of potential until full transmutation, in our Electrum, the true material of the soma cup. But this is the material available to devotees to link with the higher forms of entities, of the Gods, and link with our alchemical lineage and support our works to obtain even more sacred herbs and items and writings.

Our mercury is made in the most authentic way and as importantly, under the Guidance of true Siddha, True Dharma, and the True Master Narrative of the Gods and Ancestors. Light your fires within and refine your spirit, engage in correspondence for any spiritual and healing needs.

It is described in purans that the worship of parad mala and parad shivalingam is very auspicious. There is no comparison between normal shivalingam and parad or mercury made shivalingam. There are many distinguishing features of parad which makes it different from other material or metal. Parad Shivalingam, Laxmi, Ganesha are worshiped for prosperity, wealth and success respectively. Also Conch, Durga, pyramid etc are made for good luck, removing poverty, vastu correction respectively.

Wearing parad brings luck and energy to the wearer. A good quality material should be always be chosen. Selection of good quality is the first thing that the buyer should look at. A good quality product worn gives good health, brings energy and keeps him energetic, does not bring lethargy to the wearer, gains sexual energy.

One most worship the goddess to get the full benefit of parad as well as Lord Shiva, In alchemy with mercury, behind the scene there is a divine conscious energy principle. She is known as “Raseshwari”. Mercury in Tantra parlance is deemed as semen of Lord Shiva and essentially a part of Shiva therefore it is called as “Ras”. And the Shakti, Parvati or Yogmaya herself is called as Raseshwari – the divine feminine working as conscious energy in the “Ras”. The goddess who gives bliss and all pleasures in life, who gives beauty and various abilites and capabilities. Raseshwari Devi fills the life with happiness and joy and is the goddess who bestows supreme luxuries in life!