Talis patra (Abies Webbiana, Talisapatra, Taalisapatri, Indian Silver Fir) has a long traditional use for conditions that arise from inflammation and fungal and bacterial infections, internal and external. Talispatra is a coniferous medicinal tree found in Himalaya. It is known as Talispatra in Ayurveda, Talispatri in Siddha, and Talisapattar in Unani. For therapeutic purpose the leaves of the tree are used. The leaves can be used fresh, dried, as tincture, infusion or confection. They are the mainly indicated in infections of upper and lower respiratory tract. Its clinal uses are digestive aids to expelling wastes and toxins, detox, aids wtih cough, asthma, sweet, bitter, and pungent taste, and hot in potency. It is mainly indicated in respiratory disorders, phthisis, and excessive phlegm. It is good for the heart, improves appetite, and balances Vata, and Kapha. The leaf powder / juice of Abies webbiana or Talispatra is indicated in Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Fever, Gas, Headache, Hemoptysis, Hoarseness, Neuralgia, Phthisis, and Splenosis (acquired condition defined as autotransplantation of viable splenic tissue throughout different anatomic compartments of the body).

The powder, taken 2-3 grams greatly improves appetite and is also good treatment for headache. Taken too much can cause an infertility effect, do not take if have ulcer or colitis or beyond 2-3 grams per day.