Vola Jaiphal Time Cycles Tantrik Incense is a special Indian version of the blend used in many Tantric incense blends of pure myrhh and nutmeg. A blend of nutmeg and myrrh are compared with the alchemical sexual elixir in the Kalachakra Tantra:

“The Lotus-flower, the sex organ of the woman, is an ocean filled with Bliss. This Lotus-flower is also the empty space where the Impulse to Enlightenment rises up. When the Scepter – the male organ – unites with it, their mixture is like the Elixir arising from the combination of nutmeg and myrrh. From their union a Pure Knowledge arises, which illuminates the nature of all things.”

Nutmeg is itself a mind altering drug, and taken internally can produce profound psychoactive effects but some undesirable side effects if done incorrectly or too much. It is also the precursor to oils that can be used to make very potent substances used for psychiatric and recreational purposes as this was deduced from its long use as an erotic, aphrodisiac and component of many entheogenic and psychoactive preparations. The aroma is truly magical, erotic and spiritual. Incenses were often used to mark the time in rituals as well as being the means of conveying mantra and prayers to the subtle realms. They also empower through scent, and fix the sense of smell into the sympathetic correspondences. Psychoactive incenses are one of the principle ancient methods of ingesting power plants, and this is a very visionary blend.*

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