Tantrik Alchemical Horticulture

Many sacred plants have been rare by their very definition, growing in remote areas, in specific ecologies that are fragile, or coveted to the point of being rare or extinct. Theories on certain soma plants suggest that it may have been some climatic change or sudden loss of supply of the specific herb or herbs that necessitated supplementations or substitutes. The remote areas of mountains and jungles and forests are always the beloved abodes of all yogis, saints, and seekers. Nature is a beautiful, often severe, Mother and Guru teaching the cyclical changes, the interdependence of life and endless causal chains and links that make up life. The modern food system is under full assault by corporations that outright state their intention to dominate the food supply by using patented seeds, and a complex of carcinogenic chemicals that are use to both sprout the seeds and kill all the weeds and insects. This nefarious agenda destroys soil biology, and causes plants to be unable to uptake minerals. The chemicals also bioaccumulate in all the animals and birds and livestock, and flow into the water. These chemicals affect DNA, and kill off gut biology in all living things. The food is mineral deficient, poisoned, ingested in a nearly sterilized gut flora, and with resulting systemic and epidemic of chronic diseases, cancer, and endocrine diseases.

One essential method to Empower our lives is to begin to produce organic, nutrient and mineral dense food. This is beneficial on many levels from the exercise and skill, the autonomous opting out of the supermarket-big ag industrial complex, creating abundance enough to share with neighbors or the homeless and building community, to saving money and producing delicious healthy food for those that need it and preserving heirloom varieties from corporate monoculture. We arrived at this point through manipulation and conditioning and financial trickery from central banks to steal farmland and destroy farming lifestyle of multi-generational kindred groups growing food on their own land. The propaganda was that anything country was “off the turnip truck” a pejorative term for bumpkins and the backward as all traditions were hastily purged for modern convenience, better living through chemistry and other lies of Scientism. We can see that all the water is polluted, the cancer rates are exponential, the wars have not stopped, the hungry have not been fed and the farmers commit suicide. It is all lies, the only solution is to become the farmer, warrior and sorcerer of old. To strive the path of Absolute Self by simultaneously living a life of ascetic labor and farming, artisan handicraft and producing everything that is possible for one’s self. The ability to create abundance and share in trade and charity is intrinsic in one’s fasts, efforts and discipline to transcend the human limitations by the inductive power of pure energy arising from yogic bliss.

Our models of this have been the countless Saints known and unknown in history who have formed ashrams and intentional communities to heal the land. From the alchemical revoluton of the Mao Shan Brothers in China to Sri Hurricane Lamp Siddha of Southern India, these were sects devoted to an alchemical revolution of feeding the poor. The Mao Shan were known as the Way of the Five Peck of Rice, because to join one had to donate five peck or large bushels of rice which were distributed with alchemical medicines and empowerments to the poor in a series of small compounds or lodges along the different highways. Sri Hurricane Lamp Siddha was a true Light on the Path, teaching the method of acquiring all that was necessary to create a meal from ingredients to cookware and fuel and fire, and making it for the poor. The examples are countless and to this do many ashrams and spiritual centers feed thousands in India and in the world as a spiritual duty. The next step is to produce quality, mineral and nutrient dense food and we are working to bring out free and cost effective alchemical measures to enhance soil biology and bio-available minerals making food healthier and super-dense in vitality. We seek to combine the Celestial Agriculture of Hermeticism and the agnihotra farming with Daoist methods of China and Korea, to the Japanese natural farming ways of Masanobu Fukuoka with permaculture and sacred ecological designs for living eco-forests of natural land mandalas.

Another project we are actively engaged in is the cultivation of rare and endangered sacred and medicinal plants to ease off their over harvest in the wild, to reintroduce them in the wild when applicable, and to make the more widely available at a cheaper cost and less predatory manner. To do this we use specific alchemically enriched waters using sacred cave elementals, Navapashanam water, shilajits, our own astrologically made mono-atomic metals and trace minerals, full complete minerals blends, and sacred vibhuti ash amongst lush organic soil and worm castings from our worm farms. These are to focus on a lot of sacred herbs holy to Shiva, or Siddha traditions, herbs used in the alchemical and herbal medicines and occult herbs like black turmeric, or potent medicinal herbs like black galangal from Thailand. We are propagating these and we will be offering them to share in living forms that can be grown and propagated and shared that all make partake in their healing.

Krachai Dum, Black Galangal, Kaempferia parviflora

It is clear there is an Occult War that has raged open or concealed as discussed in all the world’s scriptures. These hidden Kabals have all the money, the land, and even one banking family owns most of the mercury mines in the world, which is part of the alchemical conspiracy and suppression of clean technology. But this is a spiritual and a quiet war with covert genocidal slow killing. We have written how the Mystery Cults were suppressed and destroyed, the libraries sacked, the timelines forged and the lineages concocted, the slaughter of the monks and Daoists masters in the millions in Communist China and purges of the gnostics. The alchemists in Europe were mercilessly tortured by the kings for their secrets until the best of the brotherhoods, “disappeared to Asia” perhaps seeking and finding Shamaballa. The issue is that humanity has an inherent power of co-creating reality and producing infinite creative bliss and joy. But this nefarious cancerous group, like the inner poison that taints our microcosmic personal reality if not transmuted, has become a product of its own doctrines. It is based on fear and trauma and control, of artifical simulations, of mimicing and subverting by imitation. It is inhuman, and thrives and feeds off suffering. It is the demonic power that the energy that is embodied in Lord Murugan, as activated Divine energy in our own microcosmic with the mighty Vel as empowered Spinal kundalini. It is the transmutation we must face and the Great Work that must be done. We have to elevate the practice to Supreme Integrity of Focus, piercing with the arrow of pure Will to reach the personal cellular critical mass that is beyond apostasy, obstacle and failure. This is a spiritual war to corrupt and degrade, a reverse alchemy of turning golden humanity into beasts. It is a radical chemical and inorganic experiment of human misery in their artificial transhuman immortality, devoid of Divine Heart and Love, soulless and automatic in their depraved, pitiful materialism.

Each person must take personal responsibility and personal sovereignty over their right of saying no to these agendas. The complicit accomplices have bargained, acquiesced, sold out and bought in for some luxury or exotica, delivering generations of weakness and dependent future victims. The alchemy of Rasa Siddha tradition is of power balanced with righteous compassion, a spiritual militance of Lord Murugan in his battle of the demonic forces destroying the world. The transmutational critical mass is reached inside through skillful means of colonizing our gut bacteria again, which creates a hospitable environment for health and detoxification. To this end we are introducing traditional temple and indigenous fermenting products and guides, local workshops and media on techniques and tricks. We use the same strategy for alchemical land management, bio- and myco-remediation and permaculture design science to detoxify land and create superabundant food flow systems in spiritual alchemical farms/ashrams. These can be laboratories for spiritual to agricultural techniques, of open source shared technologies with cooperative networks locally and nationally to share everything from resources, research to seeds and skillshares.