The Benefits of Rasamani

By doing pooja to the deities made with “RASAMANI” we can easily get rid of all the evil spirits of our family, trade & business. By wearing the ball made of “RASAMANI” in our body we can walk speedly without tired. No harmful insects like snake will trouble us. By performing pooja to the Rasalingam, it is very sure that we will get the blessings of Lord Shiva. By performing milk & honey abisheka to the idols like SriGanesha, Muruga, Shivalinga & Sri Ambal made of “RASAMANI” & intake the milk & honey, we can have a very good health, wealth & all the things we need in our life. By keeping the ball made of “RASAMANI” we can stabilize the changes caused due to the natural changes like thunder, lightning, rain and over sunlight. By intaking the milk, dipped with the “RASAMANI” balls after taking the balls out it is sure that we will get rid of problems like tired, body pain, pre-mature & quick ejaculation, paralysis, hydrocoeles, and all kinds of skin disorders and it is very sure that we will have a very good physical strength, mental strength and energetic & pure blood. We can have the super most power in aakarshanam (pulling of other’s mind towards us) by doing pooja to the “RASAMANI BALLS”. If we keep the “RASAMANI” balls made as 16 beads maalais & perform pooja to those beads, we will very surely see the Almighty. Ancient Vedas has considered Parad ( Solid Mercury ) as the most pure and auspicious metal which not only has religious importance but medical importance too. Parad is also very useful in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure, Asthma and increase the Sex Power. Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too. Parad benefits have been proved beneficial from Astrological as well as Scientific.

Rasa is the most auspicious metal used for worship of God. Rasa is belived to be originated from the sperms of Lord Shiva Puja and worship of Rasa Sivalings destroys the sins. Rasa Sivaling, Rasa Beads , Idols of Rasa Ganesh , Rasa Murugan, Rasa lakshmi are considered very sacred and is belived to give 100 times more benefit than the puja of any other idol.

One can get immense benefits by possessing a Rasamani bead. It normalise body heat, regularises the blood pressure, Improves appetite and digestion and assimilation. Tones the immune system of our body, Increases the power of concentration and will power and sharpens the mind. Rasamani removes all the “Doshas” of Vaastu, drives off all evil spirits and helps one to be more calm and composed. Prolonged use of Rasamani bead along with appropriate mantra helps one to experience bliss by awakening the Kundalini. Rasamani removes all obstacles related to marriage (Kalastira Doshas).