About Us

about us tantrik laboratoriesOut of years of reclusive research, study, experimentation only broken by excursions to visit gurus, lamas, vaidya, monks, yogis, ascetics, fakirs, shaykhs in search of initiations, empowerments, wisdom, knowledge and, above all, spiritual and physical medicines and skillful means to heal a broken heart, a battered body and wounded spirit. The accumulated knowledge and research is useless unless made manifest. As the twilight hour approaches, secrets and medicines must be shared to all. In the tradition of the alchemical sage rebels of the Tamil Siddhas and the legendary social revolutionary Daoist Mao Shan brothers, we combine the ancient traditions and principles as a foundation to address the fever pitch crisis of health and pain in this kali yuga.

We have searched the globe for the most efficient and safest means of healing mind, body and soul. Under the principle of ahimsa, and the siddha dictum of trying to avoid even harming a molecule of life, we strive to source ethically harvest wildcrafted and organically grown by small farmers and gardeners for our ingredients, and only source the safest, vital and radiant superfoods, herbs and products that we use ourselves and share with our friends and loved ones. We have healed ourselves and others with this research and these products and techniques. We have a strong ethical component of social action, including feeding the homeless and creating abundance enough to share resources.

We feel good food, medicine and teachings should be available to all. We can take advantage of some of the benefits of technology in sharing knowledge and resources and we grow and source a lot of herbal products ourselves, which keep costs low. This is something of an experiment in itself; if you are doing well and can afford to pay a fair price that supports a network of growers, herbalists, alchemists, and traditional doctors and the artisans who make our spiritual items such as beads and aromas, perfumes, than please support them and their family and us as well by purchasing the products we offer in the main sections. If you are particularly struggling we offer an economy line, of the same high quality products at reduced prices for as long as we can financially afford to do so. This section will not be extensive but we hope donations will allow it to continually expand and grow.

A word on the term ‘tantra’ is in order, like the word sufi or shaman, or yoga, ‘tantra’ has been deviated, subverted, coopted, colonialised, appropriated, to stand for all manner of deviance, hyper and perverse unspiritual sexuality, black magic, cursing and all other manner of things that we shun and have nothing to do with. We follow legitimate traditions, with legitimate initiations, empowerments and instructions with the soul aim of healing and union with the Divine. Certainly sexuality is a part of tantra as it is with life. It is an energy that can be harnessed for good or misused for bad or wasted. Our philosophy is to bring the body back to its pristine state by detoxification, both spiritual and physical, of the harmful influences that acidify and toxify the body. Herbs and medicines gently eliminate the toxins and accumulated poisons while lifestyle changes and certain practices are used to calm the mind. this is so important for health as the body registers stress biologically, increasing the pressure on the organs and adrenal system. We rebuild the health with fasting and yoga and tonic herbs to stimulate the immune system and to nourish the vitality.

But to quiet the mind, truly, can require a multitude of evolving skillful means. The profound technology of the ancient traditions is to discover an esoteric correspondence between herbs, metals, postures, directions, scents, colors, mantra, music, etc. which bring the senses into a concentrated union. This is a high secret of our teachers, and a sure recipe for experiencing bliss. We have researched and will publish our research in forms of books and articles and offer the detoxifying herbs and products that sincerely are part of our lives and practice and quest for radiant spiritual and physical health. It is our scholarly opinion and based on much research that tantra was an indigenous movement that was appropriated by ruthless invaders who imposed a lot of blood and sorcery of their own over generally beneficent traditions of non-violence and love and an egalitarian social order. This same process is repeated over and over again in tantrik and all religious contexts, as an elite tries to control the means to spiritual progress and theophany and to mediate access by way of abuse of spiritual authority. Everywhere an elite took over and over-ritualized and complicated tantra from its profound and nobles origins is often degraded into evil deviance under the guise of “one taste” or forced into a rigid ritual system of dogma that is nowhere found in the free spirits sages of South India, China and Tibet. But we remain tethered, or yoked to a legitimate lineage for ultimate guidance, and the legitimacy of the tradition is expressed in the freedom and social component of devotion to the poor of health, of spirit and of money. We hope to render service to all living things through this research, namaste.

In this world of fake spiritual teachers and scam charities, it’s completely understood people are suspicious. Imagine a secret society that’s instead devoted to charity and social alchemy towards healthy, thriving culture. Rather than just begging alms and becoming another begging hand in the sea of desires, we are hoping to provide a quality product in exchange for money so we can continue our projects, experiments, outreach and education. This is our worship, so we thank you for participating and supporting us, and we wish you good health. All items are sold as talismans, these are considered experimental and while they have safe traditional use, we can not advise or suggest ingestion.