RasaSiddha Dharma Tantrik Missionary

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The true nature of Tantra has happened obscured and misunderstood since its formal inception. The mundane world’s attempts to define and categorize what is an experimental esoteric science has led to many prejudices, misunderstandings and associations that linger in the popular perception. We maintain that the core doctrines, dimensions and practices of Tantra go beyond the formative proto-Tantric period and were present in their essential forms in the earliest soma cults. We believe this technology, cosmology and philosophy is encrpyted into the earliest Vedic scriptures, the Rig Veda in particular, the rest in some sense being commentaries and digressions of these original seed practices. The experimental nature of Tantra reconciles all its diverse forms and exoteric facades, all the different conflicting lineages, cults and extremes of the past and present. It is all these things, and none of them in essence. Its radical and experimental nature takes various forms from rustic country rituals of folk Tantra to elaborate elite ceremonies, from villages to caves to monasteries, and even into the sexualized neo-tantra so mocked by academics and “lineage practitioners.” This is to say there is an essential paradox in defining something that is fluid, evolving and ineffable by nature or objective judgements on practices that have some even slight Tantric context from medicine to cosmology to more popular notions of occult arts and sexual rituals. People project upon Tantra all their fears, fantasies, desires, and agendas and prejudices just as science can have biases, such as in the corruptibility in agenda-based research to find something safe that isn’t, or vice versa.

We define tantra as an alchemical process and a world view that reconciles all the contradictions as exoteric distractions to a true spiritual quest to the greatest potential Self. This encompasses all aspects of existence, and is meant to be transformative to one’s self and by extension to ones kindred, friends, community and the macrocosmic world at large. The Tantrik arts are essentially the alchemical science of microcosmic principles integrated into one’s consciousness to ritualize and empower the senses towards the deepest divine patterns, resonances and energies in a transmuting effect towards realizing the innate golden perfection of the Absolute Personality. Tantrik arts, from architecture and art, medicine, ritual, cosmology can be extended into any and all fields as a method of creative problem solving, an organizational tool, and most importantly as a philosophical praxis to navigate and participate in reality in a co-creative, dynamic manner that forcefully transcends the passive, base weaknesses of the lower self.

This requires inner-work and discipline and the spiritual resiliency to take the obstacles, the chaos, the suffering and transmute it into spiritual energy. The depression, the failure, the tension, the regrets, the longings, these must be detoxified like the worst poisons and made medicinal. This the key to the science of Alchemy and the way of the RasaSiddha, which is the true lineage behind all the various sects that arose in Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Immortal Daoists and their alchemical heirs in Persia, Arabia and Europe. Any that object to what seems like the blurring might consider the biographical lessons of Siddha Boganathar whose manifestation as Lao Tzu are obvious Siddha clues to unite and study both of these systems (as well as to investigate the other famous areas and masters Bogar visited). This is a path that uses poison as medicine, both literally and spiritually, in dissolving energetic knots and mind viruses that arise out of psychic trauma and entrenchment of fixed ideas. The vast teachings, skillful means, empowerments, sadhanas, prayers, philosophical treatises, yantras etc. are all devised to decondition the mind and allow the Pure unlimited consciousness that is latent in the human potential to blossom. We have spent a life time of desperate searches for our own heath and wellness under the strict guidance of the guru of death, Lord Yama’s breath felt upon our shoulder, a few times our heart in his cold embrace. The abyss of his inner teachings was the initiatory catalyst to far and wide wanderings for medical and spiritual knowledge. Deepening initiations, decades of practices in hermitages, ancient texts and glass retorts and clay alembics, the blessed visions, the Blue Pearl, and power substances evolved to an alchemical missionary of working with Supreme Masters in multiple traditions, sects and lineages all in ancient lineages of alchemical research.

The power substances are a connection to these lineages, to their teachers which trace back to the Nagas or Lord Shiva or Mysterious Female Spirits and Goddesses, and stimulate the goddess Kundalini and are the precursors to swift attainment of the endogenous Soma/amrita. In many cases they are the real source of the guru’s power, as the parad and the soma are real external Guru to aid the access of the true Self of the internal Guru. The guide or teacher is to facilitate this with suitable students but as traditions become occult, the true sacraments and substances are often replaced by placebos and the power of the alchemical products is not metaphorical, internal or transferred “spiritually” to the guru. But the true elixirs are nano-particles of mono-atomic elements and herbs with certain specific energy signatures that signal the cells and body, reading and correcting DNA issues, and creating an energetic resonance and semantic aural resonance (with mantra) that can correct psychological imbalances and create positive feedback looping of self-corrective healing. The external senses can be pacified and sigilized with yantras, the body can be relaxed and centered with asana and mudra, energies raised with many different techniques. The other sense occupied with corresponding aromas and colors, and the empowerments of taste, and feel with power objects like parad, gems and rudraksha. This is an alchemical ripening that can take place in the greater contexts of fasting, ascetic rigor in setting and exceeding goals in hiking or some activity like traditional archery and methods of generating tapas, and of reconciling the opposites and destroying the clinging to fixed concepts in the incessant confrontation with the whisperer inside. Many systems grow stagnant or plateau at a certain level because they are missing essential components that are the true alchemical catalyst to the energetic push to simultaneously boost, harness and conduct this energy to the ultimate Self transmutation of the Great Work.

Our goal is to collect these power substances for dispensing to those on the Path while supporting the ancient temples, hermitages, and laypersons who are part of intergenerational RasaSiddha research either in Tibet, India, Japan or elsewhere in Asia. We believe that they are an essential component to an inner and outer alchemy that must be merged. Many traditions transitioned to a purely internal alchemical dimension, and these can and do attain ultimate results in a lifetime of practice. But the RasaSiddha scriptures are clear regarding the “power substances” dravyopaya “Without the power substance, there can be no realization (siddhi) and no enjoyment or pleasure.” The sages are clear in every tradition that there are alchemical essences and power herbs and objects that can potentiate meditation, accelerate the process and that there are outward empowering substances that link us with these traditions, back to the deities themselves.

Most can not focus their attention on a single “thing” continuously for more than seven seconds. This can be easily tested by turning your attention span by watching the second-hand on a wristwatch or clock with your total attention and see how much time passes before you are aware that your mind has drifted to something else. The goal of the skillful means is to fix this volatile mental nature to deeper concentration to the true inner space within. This is the organic inner-singularity or drawing back the flow of consciousness to the single spiraling seed point (bindu) between the eyes. One of the most immediate effects of true dravyopaya or power-substances is an increase in Iccha-shakti or will-power and the steady integration of the compartmentalized mind into super-consciousness. Some create an intense compassion and bliss while others an intense longing for enlightenment, or sexual energy, or inspiration for epiphanies of occult and alchemical knowledge, or artistic skills talents or enhanced perception or psychic, astral, dream abilities, entity contact etc.

The alchemical process affirms that there is a correspondence as known in the Hermetic axiom, “As Above, So Below” which extends to “As Within, So Without” in that there are precious and rare energies encoded in the landscapes and sacred spaces of the world. The many practices, entities and saints are concentrated around these sacred mountains and jungles can be explained in proximity to these sacred mines, mineral and metal deposits and the rare herbs that grow there. The herbs can be used to find the mineral in what is known as geo-botanical prospecting as the most powerful and magical Siddha herbs grow in proximity to these special wells, and in the veins of minerals and metals, bio-accumulating their mono-atomic elements and unique DNA codes into medicines that send signals to cells in very unique and powerful ways. It is important to realize the purchase of “power substance” is present right from the beginning in the Soma rituals with no native mercury mines in India. It was purchased from Mahacinna (China) again suggesting the alchemical links with these traditions as truly ancient, with obvious techniques and ingredients exchanged over vast distances and time.

The most primary way is the cellular signals allow for healing, and release of the toxic tension that obscures the Subtle Body and keeps the mind and ego rooted in mundane reality. The seven bodily chakras have 12 vortices, one pointing up at the root chakra, two pointing front and back at each of the second chakra through the sixth chakra, and one pointing down at the crown chakra. All 12 vortices touch upon the spinal column or up the spinal channel, with the 12 vortices forming a vertical column from bottom to top. The power substances with the skillful means of Tantrik theurgical meditation transmutes the chakra colors of luminous pearl and metallic-like colors and cascading particles of colors scattered in galaxies of atomic movements. These are the particle foundations of the Vajra and Rainbow Bodies. Many teachers of have taught these techniques in partial to complete ways in various times and contexts. Some taught this and then disappeared into the Light, while some sit in Samadhi underneath their temples. Some taught this openly in the modern period in certain specific times and then ceased, or vanished.

When the proper conditions are met and power substances and skillful means converge, the true-Self Initiaton, non-hierarchical self-Empowerment and Divine inspiration come to the aid of the the truly devoted, clearing obstacles and instructing in the inner-dynamics the refinements and higher stages. The anarchist, open source sharing of spiritual technologies must flow forth into those ready to accept them and thereby accelerate and deepen their Great Work for the materialization of Pure Land, their divine pilgrimage to Absolute Self.

Much or most of the actual techniques are available and we will be publishing a manual of the distilled essentials for this practice. The missing components from the external world must be acquired and these can prove costly and difficult to find or if they are authentic. We hope to be a source of a variety of these empowering talismans and objects, offering as many as we can on fair donations, or in specific costs from certain rare hermits and masters that are extremely limited. We lament that the cost of some of these items is beyond the means of many, as many engaged in spiritual pursuits are not busy chasing money. We have talked to our teachers and Masters and have been working on ways to produce and dispense free to low-cost (shipping and bottles) authentic alchemical sacraments for those interested.

This was the great mission of Siddha Boganathar, who made navapashanam to share with the public by way of making a statue and sharing the recipe with a few Siddha lineages, to create a substance capable of spiritual transmutation and healing (which angered some Siddhas in sharing high secrets with the public). To this end we have collected navapashanam beads from the only government certified Siddha doctor to produce this as well as from highly respected Saints and doctors renowned in the indigenous Southern Indian alchemical and yogic circles. We have at present four such beads and have produced a water elixir from the one Siddha Saint to have a shrine in the USA. We use meteoric shungite and a magnetic leklai from esoteric sects that left Tamil to Malaysia and then merged with the Lersi tradition in Thailand. These structure and infuse the water with celestial astral energy and the Cthonic Naga resonance from the leklai caves. We then drip this through a copper vessel spiraling on to the four beads Navapashanam that are kept in an ancient Saddhu’s Kalmandu. Navapashanam is the height of Siddha spiritual medicine, igniting a spiritual fire and yet calming at the same time, for many it is transformative and transmuting, accomplishing what takes many years of yogic practice if taken consistently while engaged in yoga or meditation practices. We have a forthcoming monograph on this complex alchemical medicine, but it is a core of our practice and healing mission. We present this free and with a small parad gutika bead to all those able to donate the bottle/shipping charges – click here.

The way of the Saints is to produce an inner light that changes the world, and we start in the local actions of charity, of feeding people, of growing food, of dispensing medicine, of teaching skills of health and meditation. This is the real alchemy, self-empowering in aspirations with the union of alchemical Arts to evolve into Absolute Personality and gift the world your creative, healing Siddha energy. To create is the most divine action, to create art and medicine is the highest beauty. We know that the universal miracle of complexity arose from a single bindu (Seed) of intention that was transmuted by the aeons into the sentient life. The old world is crumbling and many are trying to shape the world in their own distorted images. We can affect the inner change that resonates into the Pure Land here and now. We have to occupy our own sacred Mandala of perception and becoming the spiral centers of true alchemical Sainthood. Lamps on the Path, Pilgrims of the Sun, Disciples of Nature and Sons of Shiva.