The Guru has yielded a secret medicine for those of us seeking the Tantrik gnosis and highest cognitive arts in our pursuit of liberation from delusion and suffering. There are many types of muppu, a closely guarded Siddha alchemical hyper-catalyst for spiritual pursuits and healing. This one is a precision formula for clarity, cognition, penetrating insight, focus, memory, and a spotless spiritual mental energy for manifestation and intention. This is a cognitive superfood and alchemical elixir o the highest order. In very rare batches, and mixed with the proper herbs to consume and aid the process. Vedic medicine is being validated in the research, with the bhasmas as monoatomic elements aiding the cellular communication and transmutation. Those engaging in retreats and fasting can see the dynamic rising energy and clarity, the Siddha lashing insights and the boost to execute and see projects to noble completion. This is a scholar’s tonic, a boon to those in mental and nervous exhaustion, as well as aiding physical energy. This is a great tonic for students in long night of exams. We have exceptional amount of clients and works for the guru, obtaining the ashram, building the lab in USA, setting up multimedia,producing the websites, the projects and written material, the sick clients and obligations of dharma in ritual and family. We were given this to execute these tasks in boundless, inspired energy. Best to take in 1 day doses, fasting as much as possible and comfortable before. 10 supply, take 5 grams a day in milk or liquid or microdose dissolving under tongue. We can personalize the supplemental herbs that accompany formula based on astrology for no extra cost, include details

These herbal alchemical allies are the secrets of the Siddha’s prodigious works on alchemy, medicine and highest culture. One as to become the crucible, priming the body and spirit for the upward rising energies present in the microcosm of the body. Do not buy this and attempt to transmute your life feeding the body, mind and spirit. One has to create the conditions for liberation, for realization, and sever the binding conditions and debasing influences that counteract such highly spiritual formula. To mark an auspicious day, to find a rising current of momentum, to take the agony, the pain, the anxiety, depression, sadness and use it as fuel for the inner alchemical fire is the Path. There are few true masters that are left. We have spent a lifetime seeking them to preserve there secrets in the wave of modernism that abolishes all Tradition. The resulting void propels the masses down the road to escapism, games, way to dull or hide from the pain, the existential crisis and ultimatum of life. This is for those sick of being sick, who are capable of discipline in establishing the inner light of the Siddha within them. These substances can ink directly with the Intelligences that seed wisdom from above in the mind’s of men. To fix the volatile is to stabilize the emotions and mentaton enough to have the profound clarity and inner quiet that facilitates such experiences. This means fasting from the triggers and seeds of the chaos and demonic delusions and distractions. It is the highest yoga to master this aimed singularity of unified thought, word and action. The alchemical catalysts give the superhuman resonance to the prana, that combined with meditation, discipline and fasting can penetrate the veils and sheaths of the living, vital True Self.

This is also a wonderful formula age and stress related cognitive decline.

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