Artisan small batch, organic, fresh, dried ground each month and shipped to us for maximum potency.
We use organic turmeric in so many of our fine products from skin to golden milk, to tinctures, soaps. So we source it in bulk from a tiny organic ashram in India that makes the best and certified organic, fair trade and therapeutic. It is full of bioactive compounds, antioxidants, and boosting immune and neurotrophic factor essential for brain function. It is so good for skin, digestive aids, in smoothies, in ghee, mixed into rice for a golden rice and curries. It is a potent anti-inflammatory for chronic pains and issues, lowers risk of heart disease , arthritis, and even mood. It is used in many Siddha and Ayurvedic and Yogic diets, fasting, and toning the stomach and digestive tract. We offer the finest, purest organic turmeric.