We have called upon our allies, those we have worked with and struggled with for decades. Our core group is the remnants of the last of the Tradition, the scattered alchemical masters that have been dispersed by the armies of darkness upon the world. It is of concentric circles of inner and outer disciples and the Guru and Masters at the center. This is the world pillar for our reality, the spiritual pole, the axis mundi, the powerful lineage holders that keep and preserve the skillful means. They have healed us when we were close to death enough to feel the chill of the abyss. The spiritual blessings have saved a heart from the blackness of the world’s corruption. It is ever our mission to be truly liberated, and yet servants to our teachers and the suffering who are willing to participate in their own healing and salvation. This is a spiritual combat, with the truly demonic forces attempting to divert, harvest and feed upon that energy that is our birthright as human beings. We have long lamented of the lack of true initiatory forces to counter the attack, as generations are lost to the nihilism, playing games, never maturing into adults, let alone spiritual beings. Those that do awaken are presented with the false counter-tradition paths, to lure them into the psychic traps, the psycho-spiritual viruses that warp and distort the hardwiring of our bodies and archetypes of soul into weaponized curses against ourselves and this shared, co-created reality.

The enemy of life knows of critical mass, of reaching the tipping point of consciousness locked into a dense, materialism that, if allowed to continue unabated, will make humanity unrecognizable in a few decades. This is a ancient plot of trapping consciousness, in eliminating the true teachings of spiritual individuation. This is where the soul must contend with Nature, the lower nature of the beast of self. This is overcoming the animal instincts, the purely biological aspects of life. Then one must contend with the humanity in this evolution, in the intellectual and hyper-rationalism that negates a spiritual dimension of life, producing a cynical, jaded biological computer. This must be overcome and understood as necessary aspects of growth, but then one must contend with the darkness, the demons that reckons itself the creator, the false demiurgic king of demons that amasses a horde of soulless entities to infect the world with pollutions of spiritual and biological poisons. Lord Murugan is the avatar of the ages, and his disciples swore to combat this by preserving the elite skillful means. One must contend with this evil internally and externally. This is not the moral, legalistic definitions of good and evil, but a honest appraisal of what is malicious in consuming and attacking innocence, beauty and health. One must prepare in strength in body and spirit to be the Tantrik hero.

Our lives were saved by Masters who taught us to focus Mind and consciousness to effect and change reality. The saints draw inward, stop leaking energy and engage the inner furnace to radiate out all disease, all attachments, and all weak points of corruption. They became masters of the fire, the metals, the alchemical processes. One such technique is the alchemical substances that aid in fasting, in ritual, in the Tantrik theurgy of focusing the senses into the sigils and power items. It is through these that our sense become enraptured, through the linking golden chain of sympathies to these energies as expressed in the precise combination of the world’s very essence of metals, minerals and herbs that these become so powerful. Truly it is a blessing to have the authentic navapashanam to make the fasting and meditation elixirs that truly ignite the spiritual fires of bliss and ecstatic gratitude to the Siddhas. Those who know the lineage of these beads know the Siddhas were angry that the great Siddha Boganathar taught this method to the yogis that they may have deep healing for the masses. Even in those times there was a jealous part that did not want any secrets shared with the profane. The true Siddhas worked to balance the need for secrecy, as teaching to much out in the open can be dangerous to those who do not ripen to a spiritual maturity. Just as an evil group learning true alchemy would be able to quickly dominant empires, such as is the case in Europe and the world if we are honest.

We present the pure gift of the Guru released once a year, a small but concentrated rare Navapashanam bead. In addition, every item shown is given, the image, the idol, the incense, the bead, the two peacock quills, butter lamp, the Vel wand, and extra gifts not shown depending on one’s astrological reading from guru.

In addition this special offering contains two sacred peacock feathers, that are instrumental in the puja and writing of the sigils and spiritual contracts towards ones intentions.

The Lord Murugan Parad statue is a blessing for the house and the holder is forgiven all sins. It is the Lord in his warrior stance, with the mudra of peace and esoteric defiance to the encroaching evil. He holds his divine scepter, the Holy Vel, which has its own war mantra of Vetrivel! Veeravel!” (“Victorious Vel, Courageous Vel”) which is an empowering wand and magicians aid in his Art. The Vel was given to Murugan by his Mother, Goddess Parvati as his weapon to vanquis the evil demon asura Soorapadman. He fights evil on his battle mount, the Mayil or peacock, and herin is a concealed a deep alchemical truth. The Tantrik Hero does not merely worship Murugan but he becomes the God, possessed in devotion, in the constant remembrance, in the sigils, incense, Prasāda, flowers, symbols, mudra, mantra, butter lamp meditation before the image and idol. We include the butter lamp and beautiful image of the Lord Murugan with this special offering.

It is important to note that the Siddhas did not generally make idols, but Lord Murugan was an exception and, again, the alchemical lore is too deep to discuss here and can be discussed through the deeper study with us. There is a writing we are translating for deeper insights into this aspect. But navapashanam is used to enhance the honey and ghee, the sacred water or elixirs, and it is a great secret to the success of our enterprises, our spiritual growth and healing, as well as aiding the suffering. It is at once grounding and electrifying to the nadis, and its a catalyst to become energized to the point of pulsating and powerful energy that is directed with Will and intention through the quills of the feathers, and in the Vel spear wand. This is for serious practitioners only. And these funds are used to build a Western asrham and alchemical laboratory to the Gods of the original Polar Tradition that is at the core of the Indo-European traditions from the Druids of Ireland, the Vedic origins of Russia, the Scythian tribesman and the ‘barbarians’ that spread the tantras all over Asia. We have worked for the Guru for decades in service and sincere devotion and just as we need to boost the expansions a gift comes to us for the change of the celestial clock into the next phase. We thank you to all who support. If you can not afford to possess a bead, never fear, we provide free navapashanam lotus elixirs with every purchase or donation if you can pay for the shipping to keep our operation sustainable and able to be freely given to all in need. Contact also for consultations or special deals for herbs if in sickness and financial distress. We have an expense goal for our project of only $1080, this is half of that specific expense. Please contact for more information.

We present this bead from our powerful Guru and teacher, who provides the sacred mantras, sadhanas and herbs and alchemical products that are the grace and blessing in this Kali Yuga. This is the Siddha technology for empowerments through taste, touch, site, smell, and devotion. This is the sigilization of the senses and the precise prescription for achieving siddhis and health in the simplest alchemical forms of empowered energy converging into the Organic inner Light bindu point. This is the secret to retiring in the retreat and accessing the links to the divine energies blessing the Inner Guru in the golden chain of the alchemical prasad. This is pure divine energy and Siddha consciousness and skill compressed into the radiating, dense and pulsating gutika bead. This is by far the heaviest and densest navapashanam we own (guru means heavy etymologically as in the density of all potential). It is also the most energetic in just simple touch. We are devoted seekers of true and authentic power substances and alchemical products across the world, taking it the highest level of discernment in quality and power. Every item and teaching from this Guru has profoundly and positively blessed our lives, as amplifying an energy and intention with a fluidity towards manifestation that always seemed blocked or impossible. Blessing and miracles have overflowed in this divine relationship and we honor this by following the universal law of a gift for a gift and reciprocate this energy by sharing it with those that seek enough to find these pages. Extreme hardships contact us for inquiries we can see what we can do to help acquire some navapasanam or infused prasad.

We have worked to gain these initiations through decades of study, introductions upon introductions, being vouched for in an almost endless referral to the source of amazing blessings and skill. These are saints that hide themselves, that crave anonymity, in a way that proves infectious. It becomes humbling, quieting, and pacifying to partake in these transmissions. The deep sense of compassion and responsibility emerges, and efforts to transmit and make accessible the true sacraments arise. We seek out the forest mystics and get the beads that are found in the jungles from the Siddhas using unique formula that are navapashanam. This is one of these special recipes, including rare mystical herbs for specific siddhis and yogic powers in addition to the original. This is a living dynamic lineage of power, producing adepts of skill and breadth of tradition that is mostly only known in legends. This is the cult of the Peacock, the poison eating bird that flowers in plumage of transmuted nectar. This bead contains the copper sourced from peacock feathers. This extract is considered to be as divine powers as peacock feather is considered to be the highly powerful and protecting and magical things in our ancient texts. The metal extracted from them is special copper which removes any type of poison immediately. This stone if touch against snake bite, it instantly removes the poison from the body. Also when combined with mercury, it gives special protection, healthy body and energy channelizing in our body.

This is most powerful combination and has a mesmerizing effect on our body.

This bead also contains the alchemical purified sulphur stone derived copper. This stone has copper in it and it has very special property related to activation of sacral chakra or swadhisthan chakra situated in naval. As naval is very important part in our body to control all vital functions, this stone energized it and provide special health to the wearer. Also this stone has power to control others mind as well as to read other minds. When combined with mercury it provides telepathy powers, healthy body and removes toxins or poison inside our body. This also contains purified powdered green stone found in Palani, of this it is said that if a person is thinking of suicide then if this stone wear by that person can begin a new life. When mix with power the aura level of the whole body increases to many times and all the negative energy of the person gets destroyed instantly. This stone has also provides special spiritual energies as it activates kundalini and do the chakra opening. It clears the path of self activation of chakras and provides the wearer a special energetic and powerful experience. This navapashanam also contains a form of kyanite, is associated with mars and when combines with mercury it removes the planetary effects of mars. The wearer gets override the problem of delayed marriage and success in property and financial gains. The wearer enjoys the success in property, government work, praise and success in all fields especially related to property, marriage and government or official tasks. It provides extraordinary opening of third eyes and mind centers, telephatic and psychic abilities, communication power and link for transmitting or receiving healing energies.

Tradition has it that Bogar went to China bringing back Chinese salts, the foundation of the science of Bhasmas, and the use of the salts of jade stone is an example found in this formula. This stone has associated with special powers related to wish fulfillment and removing obstacles in one’s life. When combines with mercury , it provides the wearer the power to give blessing and curse both. So this stone makes the navpashaan gutika valuable as the wearer get special spiritual powers upon wearing this. Also this stone has high protecting powers against evil or black magic.

This stone provides special ability to connect higher spirits or gods and also brings new knowledge and dimensions to the wearer. It increases luck and new incoming flow of wisdom, money and power to the wearer. It activates heart chakra and connects our innerself to new dimensions. If one could see these gems in their natural state with the reactions that occur, they actually mimic the peacock color in the crucible. This is why peacock symbolism is found in alchemy from South India to China and into the Yezdi cults and as a chief symbol for the Magnum Opus in Western Hermeticism. This is the traditional navapasanam gutika superinfused with the special peacock feather energetics. We expand our alchemical missionary here to present these beads. We can get malas and lingas made upon request. We want to spread the Siddha alchemical lore, and the cult of Lord Murugan, the demon conquering, poison eating son of Lord Shiva who rides on his peacock mount. We present this bead with a tiny statue of Lord Murugan with his Vel and peacock familiar. We also present the rarely discussed second installation of Siddha Boganathar, the esoteric Siddha yantra, which is hand carved and empowered by the Siddha master. We present this to all for the donation for $350 which we donate back to the Tamil Nadu masters and their community and purchase herbs in fair trade, symbiotic relationships of health and fair share.

Dedications to the Siddhas!

The supreme genius of the Siddhas becomes more and more apparent every day. As one who has been healed and assisted others in healing themselves, the appreciation, honor and respect for this tradition grows exponentially as every bit of wisdom, technique and advice is ultimately validated and proved. By terms of validation and proof we can speak from personal experience as well from first-hand reports of clients, customers, and friends and a growing body of reports from those that benefited from Navapashanam water or prasad. There is an energetic influx of spiritual essence, a softening, a gentle pulsating seed of compassion, of bliss, love which is ultimately the cooling, therapeutic energy of true healing.

Much of the diseases of the body are energetic patterns that manifest as chronic conditions. Emotional turmoil, stress, phsyical and emotional combine with age and external pollutions and the bio-chemical signals weaken. Science has no real understanding on this spark of life. They have no true explanation for the conscious energy that is the difference between death and life or animate and inanimate objects, other than the most basic of biological functions. But they can not explain orr comprehend the source of that spark. Physics can get within a range of what happened just after the so-called Big Bang, but that such an energy held all the potential myriad forms within that singular ejaculation of pure energy into a undifferentiated void is unaddressed and inexplicable and thus ignored by science. This has led to the absolute abandonment of all that is sacred in this gross materialism that has spread throughout the world. This is manifested in complete disregard for nature, ecologies, and sacred traditions that reduces existence to bloody, savage game of survival.

The Siddhas did not need microscopes and telescopes and complicated equipment to study reality. They had discovered sacred plants and meditation techniques that revealed to them universal truths and patterns that held the secrets of creation, of life and the spiritual destiny of humanity. Through their intuitive meditation, visionary explorations, and alchemical insights they probed into the deepest mysteries of existence and were able to translate the macrocosmic processes of the universe into the pragmatic spiritual technologies of the microcosmic alchemical body. The basis of this bead is the traditional nine poisons and the planetary correspondences, and bodily implications. This is added the peacock feather essences gems, and the 4448 Palani temple essences and plant nectars.


9 Planets


Relieving Doshas




Naaga Dosham




Kaalasarpa Dosham



Lingam (Red Sulphide of Mercury)

Thaara Dosham



Galena Sulphide of Lead, Lead ore (Purified)

Sevvaai Dhosham



Arsenic Realgar (or) Red Orpiment

Puthira Dhosham



White Arsenic (Purified)

Kalathira Dhosham



Yellow Arsenic Trisulphide

Poorva Karma Dhosham



Hydragyrum Perchloride Corrosive Sublimate

Navagraha Dhosham



Hydragyrum Subchloride (Calomel)

Bhahmahatti Dosham

These are combined into the beads, noted by many who use it as having the following properties.

1. Increased gratitude, ease of meditiation, but also highly energetic and powerful as it is made of 9 powerful planetary energies, so all above powers are combined and potentiated with the power of purified parad.

2. It removes all planets effects instantly and provides special life force to the wearer.

3. Also it increases the spiritual energy to get success in spiritual practices as it opens the chakra and activates kundalini energy .

4. If this gutika place in mouth or wear it removes all diseases and powers of all nine stone with mercury transfers in the body. It also traverse the mercury into the body making body healthier and strong.

5. Due to amazing properties , it provides success in all sadhanas and increases the energy flow.

6. It provides special powers like telepathy, future vision, divine body, connection to higher self, etc etc.

7. It removes MANGAL DOSH, PITRA DOSH, KAL DRAMUK DOSH, KAL SARP DOSH and many other evil yog of your horoscope.

8. The wearer will feel high energy , divine and sharp mind, long lasting memory and healthy body.

9. It opens the higher level and provides wish fulfillment and success in each work.

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.All items are sold as talismans, these are considered experimental and while they have safe traditional use, we can not advise or suggest ingestion.

All items are sold as talismans, these are considered experimental and while they have safe traditional use, we can not advise or suggest ingestion.