Our research is into the origins of alchemy, which seems to have arisen spontaneously, simultaneously around the ancient world with no proto-typical precursors. The alchemical sciences simply appeared all over, using the same ingredients, the same symbols, the same goals, language, and techniques. These are all in groups associated with the Original People, what we call the Hyperboreans, the central unknown family and parent to the Indo-European cultures. They have the same cultic symbols, visionary plants, cosmology, rituals, languages, core culture and theology and worldview.

The investigation and mastery of the core of each legacy culture (as each has a specific herbal sacred science and pieces of the puzzle of mythos and lore) gives one the greater perspective to the parent or heritage culture that was the source. The herbalism, the alchemical techniques, the inner alchemy, the cosmology, rituals, theology, astrotheology, language, etc. are like obtaining an education in each branch of the Indo-Aryan world tree.

This is one of the most forthright expositions of the Original Dharma and the goals of life in achieving the numinous forms through nurturing the light body with the precious herbs, elixirs and skillful methods. We sense the urgency to dispense as many vital methods and medicines in these times. The achievements of radiant mental, physical, and spiritual health is the true mode of spiritual warfare for this degenerate world age. Contact us for precious alchemical mercury spiritual items, sacred medicines, custom protocols and writings only available through correspondence.

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Crimes Against Wisdom and Health
We seek to solve the crime against health, the assault of the bodily, mental and spiritual harmony and potential of true humanity. The Charaka Samhita defines Pragya-aparadh as the lack of coordination of dhi (intellect), dhriti (knowledge) and smriti (memory). Pragya-aparadh is the source of all disease, because disease originates when the heart, mind or body loses its connection with nature’s intelligence. Pragya (intellect) Aparadh (crime). It can be translated as literally, the mistake of the intellect that becomes a crime against wisdom.We need to regain the align these aspects of self for true health, and we hope to articulate the templates for the Way to radiant health within these volumes.