“About the benefits of düdtsi chömen: In the root tantra it says,

Just coming into contact with it for a single instant Will bring health, happiness, and long-life.
Vigor, complexion, power, and charisma
Will increase and faculties and awareness will be clear. It will grant the ability to fly and
Invulnerability to harm from others.
One will be worthy of praise by everyone.”

In our alchemical dharma missionary we intensify the fire and energy in these trying times to bring the authentic, precious Yogic medicines and tantrik remedies. We bring you a twice empowered, multi-monastery blessed and muti-lineage blessed power substance to protect, empower and catalyse your own alchemical transmutation under the spiritual protection and energy of Gure Rinpoche. We are at a pivotal role in the human saga, when taking many serious empowerments we recall the certain Lamas take a grave tone towards coming tribulations, chaos and discord as the world is dissolved and reformed like the famous sand mandalas. There is a great chance, a window of opportunity, to use these aeonic forces and rapid energetic transitions and change to instigate the alchemical process inside our microcosmic being and to raise the conscious to the Absolute Personality that endures, abides and persists in the deified Light that is at the core of all these lineages, mysteries and teachings. These precious pills are for those “who want to enter the profound mandala of the group gathering practice connected with the profound ripening and liberating samaya substance düdtsi chömen (nectar medicine that makes all phenomena pure).”

We are trapped in the “dualistic clinging (düd)” that binds us to the physical body, and in the increasing spiritual assaults and materialism it is very rare for the yogic and meditations to pierce through the already thick conditioning. If one can not comprehend that there is an occult war they need only study the Tantrik Wars of Japan and Tibet, and into the Communist Chinese nihilistic purging of the traditional ways of Daoism and Buddhism, and then replacing it superficially for tourists in a water-down shell of its former glory. Such is the compromise that has confined many of the truly transformative techniques to secrecy, precisely because there is a vested interest by a few to maintain the status quo or to parasite it but few want to truly present the legitimate methods for individual change, that in turn effects that macrocosm. Power substances are an essential empowerment and tool to internalize the frequencies and to connect to entities that are spiritual engaged in this Dharmic conflict between demons and gods, and our own baseness, clinging, ego that we must dissolve and recombine into a transcendent Tantrik hero, intent with full Will to accomplish the Great Work.

The Tantra of Pith Instructions teaches, “Düd refers to self-clinging and the mass of conceptual thinking,
And tsi refers to self-awareness and the fact that samsara and enlightenment are equally pure. Because it is a medicine (men) that seals all phenomena (chö) of samsara and enlightenment with great wisdom, it is also called chömen. All phenomena of samsara and enlightenment are wisdom medicine. If you partake of this symbolic phenomena-purifying medicine, The passions and poisons will become medicine. The subdivisions of düdtsi include the real düdtsi of the pure nature of all phenomena and the symbolic düdtsi, the samaya substance düdtsi. In The Nectar Tantra it says,
The five nectars are the main samaya substances. They are combined into medicine
With the eight major and thousand minor substances, And the elixir-essence samaya substances.”

The lamentations of those exiled from the proper power substances has reached the compassionate ears of those dedicated to service to all humanities spiritual progress and they have responded by accumulating the merit and alchemical sacraments to give the empowerments, by taste and other skillful means at a distance, to open and bless and invite those to true practice and research into the achemical yogic means. We present this holy blessed substance and we take this as a donation to further this alchemical work. There are few other purveyors obtaining similar items from the same monasteries but they are charging double, but this is even understandable as these are so rare and require much effort of someone physically traveling getting these directly. We are blessed to have the spiritual connections to form our alchemical missionary efforts to secure us these blessed items, conferring the full empowerments internally through taste and absorption of the blessed root guru, Guru Rinpoche. As it says In Eight Volumes of Nectar,

“The three realms are, from the beginning, the five nectars.
They are uncontrived, spontaneously present, perfectly enlightened.
The three realms of the three poisons are wisdom body, speech, and mind Because they are primordially pure nectar.
All phenomena that make up the three realms, including the five passions, the five sense pleasures, the five elements, and the five aggregates, are actually enlightened in their nature as the male and female deities of the Five Buddha Families. That is why it is said that,
They are primordially pure, self arisen, United in equality with all buddhas.”

Mendrupare are Tibetan for Amrit, a Sanskrit word meaning “deathless” or “immortality”. Prepared in very elaborate ritual ceremonies lasting for many days, mendrup is “the remedy for the fearful state of death” or the “elixir of immortality”. The Tibetan traditional precious Dutsi Pills which is said to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing. Mostly it produces long life pills which are then blessed by the lamas in very elaborate ritual ceremonies lasting for numerous days. Mendrup is a kind of sacred medicine for the well-being of sentient beings. Long Life pills are made with the blessings from different high lineage masters to the Masters of present days; it is believed that by taking them one receives the blessing of future enlightenment. According to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), whoever consumes the properly prepared ” pills” will be blessed both physically and spiritually. These pills can purify one’s negative karmic forces and turn the mind towards the Dharma. They can prevent epidemic disease, poison,break you from spells etc. and remove obstacles such as curses and black magic. A dying person will be liberated if he takes it. We are a spiritual alchemical missionary, infusing traditional Dharmic alchemy into the broader agendas and cabals bent on keeping humanity in a spiritual ignorance for a new dark age. The alchemical critical mass of transmuted persons can truly take their plans and schemes and all that energy and shift the focus into an organic, sacred becoming of the microcosmic human potential.

Mani-rilbu (pills) contain an incredible list of blessing substances such as bone-relics, hair-relic of Buddhas, Bodhisattva and arhats, relics of Indian and Tibetan lineage-masters, their hair, robes, sacred soil, medicine, alchemical essences, etc. The eight major substances are red sandalwood, malamanupatra, cloves, betel nut, saffron, nutmeg, camphor, and Chinese cinnamon. As for the minor medicines, in general all the essences of appearance and existence can be combined into medicine, so we have gathered all we could of the medicinal plants of China, Nepal, the Himalayan border regions, and other lands. Different types of meltable and non-meltable precious substances, special uncommon medicines that come from humans, winged animals, clawed animals, wild animals, domestic animals, aquatic animals, and animals that live below ground, the five sets of five things, different types of white and sweet foods, grains, and fruits are all okay to include, so we have gathered as much of them as we could. However, some poisonous things are also used as medicine sometimes, but it is taught that they should not be used because they create obstacles for the mendrup, so they are not included here. Whatever medicines we use, they will be authentic and of good quality, without defects such as being rotten or frost-damaged.

We will only use ingredients that are not too old, are clean, and whose color, smell, and taste have not declined. There are some medicines that have to be harvested at certain times, or have their poisonous effects negated, or are difficult to identify, and we have followed the medical texts and doctors’ oral instructions in gathering them from Nepal. In particular, there are representative substances that fulfill the wisdom intention of enlightened body, speech, mind, qualities, and activity. The basis is yellow myrobalan, baleric myrobalan, indian gooseberry, and saffron. The major and minor substances are white and black agarwood, nagi, bezoars, nodal silica from bamboo, cloves, nutmeg, white cardamom, black cardamom, other good and plant-based medicines, orchid root, purple bergenia, coriander, frankincense, musk, senna tora, zhosha, capsicum frutescens, pomegranate, walnut, sindhura, calcite, bitumen, sugarcane, honey, sugar, and whatever rare types of good medicines we can gather. This is a brief summary of the major and minor medicines that we have gathered according to the texts.

Monks recite Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra for 2×108 days as the final completion process to form these mrita Düdtsi Chömen Rilbu. Everyone who eats mrita Düdtsi Chömen Rilbu reaps the result of having recited a million Om Mani Padme Hum mantras. They belong to the category of skillful-means of the enlightenment beings known as “liberation upon tasting” an inter achemical diffusion of the essences of masters, alchemica power substances and relics that pulsate through the channes and untie psychic knots and psychoogical dualities and obstacles. Although mani-pills have the power to purify and benefit all beings, they are particularly helpful to practitioners in cultivating a clear-mind and healthy body for continual Dharma practice. In particular, ingesting an authentic mani-pill at the time of death can greatly benefit one’s next rebirth, preventing rebirth in the lower realms and aiding in the attainment of rebirth in the pure land. düdtsi chömen is created:

“The place for accomplishing this
Is equal to the charnel ground Silwatsal.
All the dakas and dakinis gather there.
The ground will become holy.
Summer rains will fall and autumn crops and livestock will increase. Wherever the mendrup practice is accomplished, in that place Meditative concentration will dawn for whoever stays there.
When it comes time for them to die,
All of them, without any discrimination between sentient beings, Will come to abide on the level of the awareness-holders. Therefore, it is the supreme samaya substance.”


“The poor and pitiful will gain the siddhi of food and wealth if they eat it or keep it respectfully. The dying will gain the siddhi of immortality if they eat it or keep it respectfully.
The devout will gain supreme siddhis if they eat it or keep it respectfully.”

For mediation, it is good to dissolve on the tongue. One can feel the ego bonds dissolve to a warm bliss, as energy accumuates in the crown chakra, wanting to elevate and go beyond the body. It is said “You will feel that your previous karma and obstacles were dissolving and being purified. You could feel the Mendrup’s effects for a few days after taking it. It will make the dream-state interesting as well. Blessed substances are very powerful allies on the spiritual path for removing obstacles that might otherwise keep one from progressing.”

It will be meaningful for whoever sees, hears, thinks of, or touches it.
Even if its shadow touches someone or they come in contact with a sesame seed’s worth of it, It will cause them to be reborn in the higher realms.
It will plant a mustard seed of causes of virtue within them.
It will especially pacify diseases such as epilepsy, curses, obstructors and harmful spirits
And obstruct the obstacle-makers that try to harm others.
Those who have committed the five sins with immediate retribution and eat it will become

The benefits are described in an inconceivable number of tantras, including the New Translation Schools’ Chakrasamvara, Hevajra, and Guyhasamaja tantras and the Early Translation School’s Eight Volumes of Nectar and Guhyagarbha tantras.”
Instructions :
For best results take with our Rtsa/Nadi Energetic Channel Set. This precious pill should be preferably taken early in the morning to open up body channels. For more effective outcome, soak the pill in a small amount of hot boiled water using an clean unbroken cup covering it with a lid and leave it to stand overnight. Early the next morning before day breaks, crush and stir the content either with spoon or with the ring finger and drink the whole mixture after adding little amount of hot water. Following that take little amount of hot water infused with saffron to close body channels. This will help to retain the effect of medicine in the body but this is not optional. If one need to take the medicine urgently, it can also be taken like any other Tibetan pills with boiled hot water. Preferably, it should be taken on an auspicious dates like eight, full moon and new moon days of Tibetan lunar calendar to gainoptimum result. Alternatively, one can also inhale the fumes from burning the pounded pills.

Cautions :
For a period of three to seven days after taking the medicine, avoid fish, pork, egg, sour alcohols, onion, garlic, wild garlic, putrid food, hot spices, strenuous physical activities, cold bath and sex.

Say root mantra Om Mani Padmi Hum 108 times, then Mantra of Medicine Buddha ( Recite the mantra after taking the pill) :
Om Namo Bhagawate Bhekhaze Guru Bendurya Prabha Razaya Tatha Ghataya Arhate Samnya Sam Buddhaya Tayatha Om Bhekhaze Bhekhaze Maha Bhekhaze Bhekhaze Razaya Samung Ghate Svaha
Om Mani Padme Hum

“If you eat the great alchemical medicine
You will get supreme and common siddhis. Orgyen Rinpoche said,
It is the substance of offering to all the buddhas, The elixir that combines the lama and yidam,
And the heart blood of all the dakinis.
The benefits of eating it are inexpressible.
It bestows the qualities of the buddhas’ five kayas.
Externally, it cures bodily illnesses and obstacles.
Internally, it purifies the five poisons of the passions.
It heals all broken and damaged samaya.
It causes realization of one’s own nature as wisdom, the all-pervasive secret.
If shravakas and pratyekabuddhas eat it
They will attain the ten bhumis
And become great bodhisattvas of the Mahayana.
Offer it to the lama, they will grant their blessings.
Offer it to the yidam, they will grant siddhis.
Offer it to the buddhas, they will bestow their compassion.
Offer it to the dakinis, they will grant prophecies.

Whichever yogis eat it,
Outwardly it will eliminate their illnesses, obstacles, non-virtues and obscurations. Inwardly, their creation stage meditation visualizations will be clear with samadhi. Secretly, they will realize the self-awareness dharmakaya.
It will repair all their shortcomings and faults.
Keeping it on one’s person will prevent untimely death.
It can even pacify deadly poisons.
Putting it on the body will clear away all illness and obstructors.
Burning it will cause all obstructors and obstacle-makers to flee.*

The Samaya Substance of Amrita, a Dharma medicine which brings Liberation when tasted
dam rdzas myong grol bdud rtsi chos sman

The Blessing Substance of the Seven Birth Mani Pill
dam rdzas skye bdud rtsi ma Ni ril bu

The Cleansing Pill from among the Sacred Substances of the Great Seat
sgar chen rten khrod las byung ba’i khrus ril grib gdon kun ‘joms

khra ‘gu tshe sgrub thabs shes kha sbyor gyi sgo nas bsgrubs pa’i tshe ril

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.