This is a powerful, concentrated fasting chulen for attracting the divinities and Dharma protectors to gain merit and Long Life. A 108 herbal and many mineral jewel pill style chulen, this is from hermit masters in life long retreat subsisting off their energetic practices and making precious pills from the dew, flower pollens and alchemical and mineral essences. This is a subtle body energetic vitamin, a pulsating energetic Empowerment to become spiritually attached in karmic threads with longevity, extending the thread of fate to penetrate accumulations of sins and karmic stains that result in psychic and physical knots that cause ill health and sever the connections to the source energies. Chulens are many, some medicinal and some spiritual and this is classified as both, containing the rarest crocus pollens and purified sacred substances, it is the fuel for deep meditation and energetic fasts and blockages and disorders of the subtle channels. This is not really one for the casual user, but it would offer merit and benefits it’s not one to take and indulge in worldy pursuits and dissipate this spiritual energy on mundane pursuits. These are precious pills, precious in content and rarity and the skills to make them. They are made in traditional methods in spiritual empowered states of energy by masters in life long pursuits of alchemical research and Buddhist Tantra practices.

We use these types of pills to transition from the provisional fasting in a deep healing or sadhana, sometimes lasting many years or months. But these begin with a selective diet and fasting of more and more tonic and detoxing herbs and a systematic organ cleanse. The energy can exponentially increase rapidly into samadhi and pure fasting states, that are spontaneous, organic and authentic. This means there is no hunger, there is a balancing of the body, but not an emaciation. There is no hunger, if there is hunger it is not authentic and is a dangerous practice potentially. If there is a hunger, practice the concept of “just enough” and supplement with special oils, and the fasting broths and tonic elixirs, bringing the resonance to higher and higher levels. If one refrains from emissions and circulates that energy, there is a bursting force of health that builds and surges through the channels, bursting the knots in gentle but persistent energies that must be directed with mind. One pure sign of an energetic expansion can be a flood of bliss and sexual energy, even a spontaneous erection or female excitation. This is a sign that this energy is being generated. But it must be distilled and condensed and purified into pure Amirta, the pure inner nectar that is facillitated by the outer nectar pills and the precious chulen offerings. A truly blessed rare Tantric monestary item from the reclusive masters in the secret meditation centers in Himalayas. Ultra rare!*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.