Due to some intense support of our activities, we have invested the donations to our empowering substances connections to source some vital, dynamic alchemical medicines to boost the consciousness in our missionary work in transmuting Self and macrocosm. We have obtained these precious pills from a mysterious Tantric monastery located in Solan, India, that is maintaining currents of alchemical medicine and Empowering Precious pills to boost the dharma practice and health of broader number of practitioners. These are prepared in ancient traditional methods of powerful sacred herbs, alchemical essences, sacred relics, other jewel pills from past masters, Sarira, and the Guru relics of many masters. The Five Nectar Pills has the five basic benefits of Correcting Wrong Views, Energizes the Channels, Gives Penetrating Insight, Raises Vital Energy, Clears Obstacles, and combining the Five Elemental energies into the condensing precious inner amrita that gives Self Empowerment, energy and healing, pervading the Buddha fields with the empowering blessing of “Empowerment through Taste.” We strive to provide these at next to nothing considering the cost of procuring them from across the world, and their precious ingredients and elaborate preparation and empowerment ceremonies. These are made by monks and heated by massive butter lamps cauldrons while mantra is recited and rituals invoked, by High Lama, Rinpoche and monks.

This has become a central mission to our healing herbal medicines: providing spiritual technologies of skillful means to enable Empowerment through power substances, herbs and alchemical sacraments to function as the catalyst for personal practice. In the Kali Yuga, and in anywhere in the world, the pressure from the crisis and chaos has subtle effects on the world view. It becomes infected, nervous and scared on a very subconscious level. This registers as fear, which is an accomplice to ego in a negative way, with the basic core of the brain becomes anxious and applying the old survival mechanism of the days of the wild and jungle. So the consciousness has food, clothing and shelter but the chaos and derangement of the illusory world creates a tension that roots one to wrong views and clinging to the very obstacles that bind us to the mundane. There is so much inertia, so many obstacles on the true authentic practice that is not role-playing or fantasy, or going through the motions. True authentic practice becomes spontaneous, organic and dynamic, but the body mind and channels need to be ripened. Empowering through taste brings the Dharma energies of generations to a supreme intensity that washes the blood, organs and marrow in the essence of beings and substances that are infused with Pure Dharma intention and spirit.

This is really a blessed nectar pill linked back to the son of Shiva, Lord Ganesh who as Vajrapani, is merged into the supreme Mahakala and Ganapati as a fully enlightened Buddha, and a great Vajra. It is protective form of Vajrapani that this Five Nectar pill is consecrated. Ganesh, Ganapati is ruler of all gods and nagas and yaksas being the union of Vajrapani, Manjushri and Avalokiteshvara, having their perfect power, wisdom and compassion.In tantric Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrapani is the essence of the enlightened power of all Buddhas of the three periods of time. As such, he is associated with overcoming all outer, inner and secret obstacles. On the outer level, he is particularly effective over obstacles caused by nagas (often manifesting in the form of skin or blood diseases). On the inner level, he cuts off all afflictive emotions of ignorance, attachment and aversion.

Vajrapani is often depicted in a most wrathful form in Tantrayana, but is shown in a more peaceful way in the triad consisting of Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) and himself. This triad is especially visualized in many phowa practices. This triad is popular not only among Tibetan Buddhists but also among Buddhists of East Asia where pure-land practices dominate to the extent of the formation of pure-land “Schools” such as the “Ching-tu tsung” in China and the Jodoshu and Jodoshinshu in Japan. In East Asia, he is known by another name – Mahasthamaprapta (“Great Strength” – this is his name in the “Sukhavativyuha sutra”). It is useful to note that in this tradition, the earlier “daemonic” side of Vajrapani has been totally dropped in favor of a gentler and tamer image. As Vajrapani is one of the earliest and fiercesome Buddhist protectors and guardians he is the best for beginning a new practice or alchemical operation, or retreat.

One must take these in the quiet, dark post twilight time, preferably with a butter lamp or candle. One must calm the spirit, place under the tongue and abide in His Buddhafield, Mantra, Image and Energy. His mantra is “Om Vajrapani Hum” or in Tibetan “Om Benzra Pani Hum”*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.