To Endure, To Transcend

It is important that one keep the connection with the source of the medicines, the Guru, the Silent Ones that are true hermits that make medicine. You can contact us to keep in touch, as they have healed us our work is to serve and function as mere intermediaries as these adepts truly do not use devices like cellphones and computers. But there is still an unbroken chain, just as the medicines from the Siddha traditions must be met with purifications and resolute commitment. Do not take medicines and simply watch television and eat your normal junk foods, conduct yourself with the same mannerisms. One has to prepare to encounter true healing from within, to understand the soul is under an assault to be trapped in this world. It is to hold the hand of alchemical lineages devoted to the Gods in this increasing dark age. Everyone engaging in True Dharma is under spiritual attack, it is the same as above with the war of the Gods. We are proxies for this battle in our conduct, our ability to persist, to transcend the incessant attacks and achieve spiritual fire through our complete devotion. Every day to endure is an initiation, a triumph of Godmind over demonic wavering and chaos. One saturates with the herbs, the mantras, the skillful means, and invokes the Divine God Body within. It is our path to transmute the base, the grasping to trauma and pain, and allow the soul to ascend and remember its true identity as a child of the Gods.